Why Does My Dog Not Like the 4th of July?

You may have noticed in years past that the 4th of July holiday may not be your dog’s favorite day of the year. So, why does your dog not like the 4th of July? As you probably suspected fireworks do have a lot to do with it, but there are a few other reasons as well.

Fireworks that go on for days

I don’t know about in your neighborhood, but in mine fireworks are shot off randomly from Memorial Day through the 4th of July and then some. The weekend of the 4th is always the most, going off from evening and well into the night.

Our dogs don’t know that we are celebrating with fireworks to commemorate the battles that paved way to America’s independence from the British Empire. All they know is that there are loud and scary noises coming from their usually quiet neighborhood and that scares them. Some dogs are bothered by loud sounds more than others, but in general no dog is happy with the booms heard throughout the night.

Hot summer weather & thunderstorms

The heat of the summer generates more thunderstorms, this is especially true in climates that don’t have a lot of storms. Not only is the heat exhausting, but when the weather changes from sunny to lightening and thunder without warning it can be extremely stressful for our pets.

Crowded cookouts

On top of fireworks, hot summer days and unpredictable weather, we often have people over for a cookout or take our dogs with us to other 4th of July festivities. Undoubtedly, there will be strangers and loud children, plus loud music. To us, this is all in good fun, but to our dogs all of these add up and can make them pretty anxious.


Most of us love chances to celebrate and spend time with our friends and families. And there’s nothing more American than a good 4th of July celebration, but the same can’t always  be said for our four legged companions. Not only may your dog not like the 4th of July, it isn’t always the safest time for them either.

5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe on the 4th of July

4th of July is such a fun holiday with grilling, revelry, and, of course, the fireworks, but for your pets, fireworks and crowds can be terrifying.  Sometimes they get so scared by the strange noises they start running, July 5th is the busiest day for animal shelters trying to home lost pets. Taking steps to keep your pets safe on this holiday is very important.
Here is what you can do to have the best holiday possible for you and your companions.
1.  Do not buy any fireworks.  There are plenty of ways to have fun with your friends and family that don’t include explosives.  Not only could you injure you or your furry friend but they are illegal to possess or light in Fort Collins

2.  Do not feed your pets food from the BBQ
, especially, ribs on the bone, chicken wings, hot dogs, or chips and guacamole.  All of these foodscan cause serious gastrointestinal problems.  And make sure your pets don’t get too close to that HOT grill and burn their piggies on a loose piece of charcoal or ash.

3. Give your pets a break. If you are having a party and they seem anxious with so many people on their turf, put them in a room with their toys and beds and check on them periodically.  This way they have a safe place to retreat.
4.  If your pet is microchipped, be sure it is current.  Also make sure your pet is wearing their collar, city license, and rabies tags.  This way if your pet gets lost, for any reason, the Larimer County Humane Society can contact you when they are found.
5.  Leave your pet at home. If you are going to City Park to watch the fireworks be a good judge of whether your pet can handle this much interaction with other pets, people, and strange noises.  If you think this might distress your pet at all we suggest leaving them inside with the blinds drawn, drapes closed to muffle noise, and maybe the radio, TV, or A/C for extra white noise to keep them distracted and calm.Making sure to keep your pets safe will ensure that you have a safe and fun 4th of July as well!