Saint Patrick’s Day Dog and Cat Coloring Sheets

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up! Do you have some free time and want to do some coloring? Or give the kids something fun to do today!

You can download pages individually or all 4 at once Saint Patrick’s Day Coloring Sheets!

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Most Popular Dog and Cat Names from 2019


It is hard to believe that 2019 is over and we are moving into the New Year! We thought it would be fun to take a look at our most popular dog and cat names for 2019. These are names of pets we worked with over the year in the areas we work in: Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Greeley, Colorado.

I did take the liberty of combining a couple of names that were spelled differently, such as Lily and Lilly.

Most Popular Dog Names of 2019

  1. Lucy
  2. Zoe
  3. Aspen
  4. Bailey
  5. Bella
  6. Charlie
  7. Daisy
  8. Ella
  9. Luna
  10. Abby

Close runners up: Cooper, Murphy, Penny, Riley and Sophie







Most Popular Cat Names of 2019

  1. Lilly
  2. Leo
  3. Lucy
  4. Bella
  5. Charlie
  6. Chloe
  7. Max
  8. Sebastian
  9. Thomas
  10. Zoe

Close runners up: Boo, Boots, George, Hank, Luna, Milo, Olive, Oliver, Oscar, Pearl and Pepper







We are curious to see what new names make the list in 2020!

Meet the Kittens!



Wet Noses Pet Sitting owner Liana now has 3 kittens and it is time to show them off! Meet Rhys, Pax and Fitz. They are foster kittens from Animal Friends Alliance that we decided to keep and they are going to help us teach everyone about kitten care. Now it is just time to watch them have a good time!

Events You Don’t Want to Miss in Northern Colorado This Halloween


Halloween is almost here. It is time to enjoy the scary holiday and have a fun time out in the world. These events are fun for you and for your pets!

Our Top 7 Halloween Events That Involve Your Pets:


When: October 19th, 12-2pm

Where: Wellington Veterinary Hospital, 7837 6th St, Wellington

We had so much fun last year we are doing it again this year! Dress your pup up and come down for some great beer and good times! Prizes for the top costumes!


When: October 25th, 3-4:30pm

Where: Gunter Field UNC Campus

Join us for our annual fun halloween themed festival sponsored by University of Northern Colorado’s FETCHLAB!  There will be several events for you and your dog to participate in! We will have prizes, raffle tickets, and treats! Participate in our fun events, including best trick, costume contest, obstacle course, 25 yard dash, home run commands, frisbee catch, toy retrieve, and more!

This event is open to everyone (with or without a pup) and is FREE to attend and participate!


When: October 26th, 9am-12:30pm

Where: Biergarten at Anheuser-Busch, 2351 Busch Dr, Fort Collins

The Phantom 4 Miler is a dog-friendly, Halloween themed 4-mile run/walk open to the whole family.


When: October 26th, 12-1pm

Where: Lee Martinez Farm, Fort Collins

Bow Wowvania is a dog-friendly trick-or-treat event at The Farm. Hundreds of dogs and dog owners will take a stroll down Trick-or-Treat Street dressed in costume and eager for treats. All dog owners will receive a doggie bag for treats and travel between storefronts hosted by our sponsors.


When: October 26th, 12-2pm

Where: Bath Garden Center and Nursery, 2000 E Prospect Rd, Fort Collins

Costume Contest! Pet costume contest! Pumpkin carving demonstration! Crafts! Fun!


When: October 27th, 2-4pm

Where: Oak Street Plaza, 201 S College Ave, Fort Collins

Dress your pug in the spookiest, silliest, cutest costume you can find and come join the fun as we “parade” around Old Town. Humans are encouraged to dress up, too, and we LOVE theme costumes. And if your pug has a sibling who’s not a pug, they are welcome too!


When: October 31st, 7am to 6pm

Where: The Dog Pawlour, 2005 S College Ave, Fort Collins

Come and celebrate Halloween with at the Dog Pawlour. Bring your pup in their best costume for a costume contest! Winners get to take home a tasty prize!

If you’re going to be heading out to one of these events make sure you are being safe and that your dog will be comfortable. Not all dogs love visiting people who are dressed up in scary costumes!

We hope that everyone has a happy and healthy Halloween!


How Do I Raise Mealworms at Home?


Have you ever considered raising mealworms at home? Mealworms are a great supplement to feeding your backyard chickens, or to be fed to reptiles and wild birds. Thankfully it is cheap and easy to raise them at home! For the cost of a small container of mealworms you could instead set up your own colony.

What are Mealworms?

Mealworms are the larval form of the mealworm beetle, which is a type of darkling beetle. The beetles lay eggs, which when larger can easily be fed as a yummy snack to your reptiles and birds.


A small tupperwear container will work well for homes with a handful of backyard chickens. If you have more chickens you may choose to get a larger container or multiple small containers. A normal cheap container will work great. It does not have to be airtight but it does need to have a lid. In Colorado we have an issue with small moths getting into food and they will destroy a mealworm colony, so you need to ensure they cannot get into the container. I tried a 3 level system but the moths were able to get in right away. I also tried putting netting over the container but it was a hassle to deal with when I needed to get into the container to feed or collect the worms. After I got my container I lines the edges of the container and the inside of the lid with double sided tape to ensure the moths would get stuck when trying to climb into the container.

*** Edit note: During humid times I started to have a problem with the bedding molding when the lid was on. I switched to putting a screen over the top of the bin, attached with either double-sided tape or a large rubber-band, which eliminated the humidity problem.


You can use a variety of bedding types but the one I have found that works best is wheat bran. It is inexpensive and easy to find. I purchase my wheat bran at Sprouts for 99 cents a pound. After I get a couple bags I put them in the freezer for at least two weeks to make sure any insects in it are killed off. Then it is ready to be used! Mealworms will need at least a couple inches of bedding but it does not have to be deep.

After your colony is established you will want to change the bedding out when needed. I change mine about every 3 months, but you may find the need to change it more or less often. Check your bedding every month or so as the fecal matter (a very fine particle) can be mistaken for bedding unless you look closely. When you are ready to change the bedding, filter out the fine waste particles from the wheat bran, beetles and worms. Use this time to dispose of any dead beetles and clean out any food remnants. But don’t throw away the waste particles just yet! Set them aside for a few weeks to allow any eggs to hatch. Add the tiny worms to your colony and toss the waste.

Starter Worms

After you have your container and bedding you are ready for your worms! You can purchase them in bulk online or just go to your local feed supply store. Most places sell 50 mealworms for around $5. I started my colony with around 80 worms and it took off quickly! If you happen to know someone who already has a colony see if you can get a cup of worms, beetles and bedding from them to give your colony a jump start. The bedding will most likely contain eggs and will get the process moving quickly.


The mealworms will eat the wheat bran bedding but they also need a food source that contains moisture. I typically give mine lettuce because it is easy and they seem to like it best, but other foods like watermelon rinds, apples and potatoes would work. Be sure not to let moist foods lead to mold in the wheat bran, so if you are using a very moist food put down a piece of thick paper first to keep the moisture from the bedding. The worms may eat through the paper but it will not hurt them – it was discovered in 2015 that mealworms can degrade items like polystyrene so a little paper will not make a difference.

Time Frame

A typical colony takes about 6 months to get up and running. Give your worms time to propagate before taking some out for feeders. If you keep the balance of beetles and worms, feed them regularly and change their bedding and you will have a wonderful food source for your chickens, birds and reptiles for years to come!


Learn More!

If you want to read more tips and tricks follow our blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular videos!

Take Amazing Pet Photos With Your Phone



As pet sitters we love taking amazing pictures of our canine and feline friends (check them out over on Instagram), but it has to be fast and easy. After all, we are there to spend time with your pets, not just photograph them. Plus they get super impatient with us if we take too long! So I was really excited when I heard about a class being hosted by Claire with Pet Honor Society. The presentation, Pet Photos in a Snap, was given by Monique with Silver Paw Studio, based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Monique is an amazing pet photographer and both ladies allowed me to film the presentation. It was such a great time and I learned a ton!

Watch the video to get some great tips on how to take beautiful photos of your pets with your regular old cell phone. Some of her tips include:

  • Camera basics
  • Hacks for pet specific pictures
  • Easy lighting adjustments based on your pet’s coloring
  • Exposure levels

If you love this be sure to take a look at future classes being held by Claire. You can find her upcoming events on Facebook. I will also be there filming, so come down and visit with me or subscribe to our email newsletter to make sure you see future videos!

Happy National Dog Week!



This is National Dog Week and we wanted to show off our best friends and say thank you for letting us be a part of your lives!

We love being pet sitters and dog walkers and spending time with your canine friends every day. We take so many amazing pictures and videos so it is fun to have a reason to show them off. The dogs are so much fun to be around and we are just happy we get to spend time with them.

Do something special with your dog today this week and post the picture on social media to show us!

Cute Pet Pictures 2


We have the cutest clients! Every day our sitters send tons of pictures and video of their furry friends to their parents while they are away. We like to share these on social media and here on our website (with client permission of course). We love showing off our friends! (This is Page 2!)


5 Gifts for Your Dog Sitter


Your dog sitter does so much while you are gone, from going on walks, cleaning up after her, giving her medications and giving you peace of mind. So you want to give her a gift, but what is an appropriate gift for a dog sitter? Being a dog sitter myself, I can give you some great ideas!


Gift for Dog Sitter: Something From the Area You Traveled To

Whether it be food, drink or a souvenir, it is neat for a dog sitter to get a gift from the area you were traveling to. It can be a harder gift to actually give to your dog sitter since she is already done watching your house, but it is a nice gesture. You can always bring it by the office or leave it out for her to pick up when she has a moment.

Gift for Dog Sitter: Specialized Etsy Items

Custom items from Etsy are cute and show you thought about your sitter in advance. It can be hard to get these going while you are in the midst of planning for your trip, but if you have the time, browse through Gift for Dog Sitter items Etsy suggests. Steer clear of jewelry and clothing, unless you know your sitter well and can pick out items you know the sitter will like. Many dog sitters do not wear a lot of jewelry during their normal workday and they may have to wear uniforms.

Gift for Dog Sitter: Local Gift Cards

Gift cards for local shops in your area are always appreciated. Consider getting one to a local coffee shop, gift shop or entertainment, so your sitter will have to get something for herself. If it is in your neighborhood them you know your sitter travels to the area anyway since she was coming to your home. A gift card to the movies provides a nice night out!

Gift for Dog Sitter: A Present for Their Pets

Most pet sitters have pets of their own, and we all know how much we love to dote on our pets. If you know what kind of pets they have (you can always ask the manager) then consider a gift for their pet. Treats, toys or a custom item with their pet’s name on it is a very thoughtful present.


Gift for Dog Sitter: Practical Gifts

There are many items that can make a dog sitter’s day much nicer, especially in changing weather.

  • Hand and foot warmers. They are nice for those cold dog walks!
  • Snacks that transport easily in the car. Think trail mix, jerky, crackers, etc.
  • Coffee, tea or other drinks. Pair this with a cute mug!
  • Nice refillable water bottles or travel coffee mugs for when she is on the go.
  • This little cooler has a car adapter and allows sitters to keep their food cool on long days.
  • High-quality dog treats. Most sitters carry dog treats to all their visits, just in case. Even if your sitter does not have a dog of her own, she can use these to make friends with another client’s dog.

In the end, it is the thought that counts. Dog sitters are not often given gifts, so anything you give is going to be greatly appreciated by your sitter. Thanks for thinking of them!

Gift for Dog Sitter - dog with birthday hat

Dog Walk Training Ideas


Do you want to make the most of your dog walks? Bring some life to your normal dog walks by adding in some Dog Walk Training Sessions!

Why Add Dog Walk Training Sessions?

You are happy going on a normal walk. Why should you add in dog walk training sessions? Because there are so many benefits!

  • Be engaged. When I am out walking I see so many people on their phones, not paying attention to their dogs. Granted, the dogs may be sniffing around, but they would be having so much more fun if you were paying attention to them! It is great bonding time, so make the most of it.
  • Be aware. There are a lot of yummy things out there that your dog should not be eating. If you are working on dog walk training then you will quickly notice something out of the ordinary.
  • New tricks. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your dog new tricks, while you are already out and focused on your dog. The distractions will make sure your dog gets the trick down pat.
  • Have a better behaved dog. You see so many dogs out pulling on the leash and not listening to their people. Dog walk training sessions will lead your dog to listen and pay more attention to you, as well as just have greater skills.
  • Impress other people. You know it feels good when other people admire your amazing, beautiful, well-behaved dog. Dog walk training does that!

How to Prepare for Dog Walk Training

  1. Select some amazing treats you know your dog will love. You want them to be tiny so you can give out lots of them to your amazing dog. You want to take them with you whenever you go out on a walk.
  2. Select a dog treat bag. This can be a ziplock you put in your pocket or a sophisticated dog treat pouch, whichever works best for you.
  3. Think about what behaviors to you want to teach. You do not want to introduce too many at one time, and you may start with tricks and behaviors your dog already knows, until you get comfortable.
  4. Plan your path. Some areas are easier to train on than others and for some dog walk training, you will need a specific area to practice.
  5. Remind yourself that this is all for fun. You want to be upbeat and happy the entire time, not grumpy that your dog is learning.

Small dog looking up

Dog Walk Training Ideas

So you want to do some dog walk training sessions but you are not sure what to teach? There are so many options! Here are the behaviors and tricks I like to practice on every walk.

  1. Wait. This is one of my favorite behaviors and I use it at home all the time. It simply means, “pause where you are until I say it is ok to go.” You can use this at doors in your home and out on walks. In open space when my dog is off-leash, I use it to stop my dog from getting too far away from me. You should start this one at home because it is easiest to teach at an open door. Stand inside the door with your dog and say “Wait.” Then start to open the door. When you dog moves to dash through, close the door (without hitting your dog with it) and repeat. Eventually your dog will look to you to figure out what is going on. When you are ready, say “ok” and release your dog with lots of praise and walk through the door.
  2. Auto sit at street curbs. This can be a life saver if your dog ever gets off-leash. It is easy to teach – just whenever you get to a curb have your dog sit. Do not move on until she does. You can choose to add a release word, like “ok”, or just let her walk with you when you move forward.
  3. Quick sits. I love this for attention and focus from my dog, plus it is fun! As you are moving along randomly tell your dog to “Sit” in a super happy voice. Reward her for sitting quickly. Usually the more excited you are, the faster your dog will sit and the more she will pay attention to you. You can also do this with “Down” but I try not to make my dog lie down in areas where she will feel vulnerable, so be aware of the environment.
  4. Quick front. A front is when your dog sits in front of you, facing you. If you make this into a really fun game, your dog can be called back from a distance. It is great for safety. Having a different word from Come is good, because most people use Come when they are angry (which you should not, but that is another blog). “Front” is always fun! It is great to practice on walks. As you are walking along, suddenly say “Front!” and shuffle backwards. Hold your treat up in the middle of your chest. Your dog will naturally follow you and sit as she gets closer. If you later practice in bigger spaces, try this while running away for a bigger effect. When she gets close, turn towards her and give her the chance to sit in front.

Really, almost any tricks you want to teach can be practiced on a dog walk for fun and focus. They help you have fun and encourage your dog to pay attention. Remember to use treats as your dog is learning and to continue to reinforce behavior. As your dog learns, you do not need to give a treat every time, but if you do it randomly then your dog will stay interested.

What NOT To Teach

You notice no where in that list did I mention “Heal.” Heal is a tough command and is often misused. No dog can heal for an entire walk, nor should they. A walk is a time for dogs to get out and explore the world! They cannot do that if they are glued to your hip. Dogs require both physical and mental stimulation to be healthy, which means seeing new environments and experiencing the world around them. Give them the chance to do that, while still having a good time. You should practice how to walk on a loose leash, but you will find that if you are interacting with your dog with Dog Walk Training, she will be paying a lot more attention and will be checking in regularly to see what you are doing. It is hard to check in and pull on the leash at the same time.