7 Books for Pet Lovers


If you are looking for something good to read we have book recommendations for dog and cat lovers! Whether you are looking for something educational or just fun, I have the perfect book for you!

Starting from Scratch by Pam Johnson-Bennett

This amazing book focuses on cat behavior and all of the common issues cat owners can see. It is written by Pam Johnson-Bennett, a cat behaviorist and author. You can see her array of books on her website.

Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin

If you want to have a look at animals and the world from their perspective, this book is for you. Temple Grandin is a Fort Collins native and Colorado State University professor.

The Best of James Harriot

Really, any book by James Harriot is worth reading, but this collection pulls together his best stories. These feel-good tales are a wonderful insight into the world of veterinary medicine and people who love their pets.

Merle’s Door by Ted Kerasote

This book tells the tale of a dog able to make his own decisions in life and how he affects the people he interacts with. It is a true story about a real dog and makes you think about our pets as individuals.

Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

This is one of the first great modern books on dog behavior and our interactions with our pets. It is a clear but easy ready for dog lovers!

Tiny But Mighty by Hannah Shaw

If you are interested in kittens, then this is the book for you! Hannah Shaw, also known at the Kitten Lady, tells you everything you need to know when working with young kittens. Hopefully, it convinces more people to foster young kittens and gives them the confidence to help these amazing animals!

The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell

The author Patricia McConnell is a world-renowned dog behaviorist and she gives us a glimpse into the dog mind in this book. It is easy to understand the perspective of our canine friends and be able to communicate even better with them!


Do you have a book that you love? Share it with us!

Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Foster or Adopt a Pet!



We are all stressed by the regular news of COVID-19 and many of us are working from home. But right now is actually a great time to help an animal in need!

Rescues and humane societies are closing but the animals still need help.

So why is now the perfect time to adopt or foster a pet?

  • Many of you are working from home! You are around to give extra time to a dog or cat, or puppies or kittens! Even if you will not have time after this pandemic is over, you have time now and now is when the shelters are the busiest.
  • The state of Colorado (PACFA is in charge of shelters and rescues) has issued an allowance for rescues to forgo inspections of new foster homes. This allows rescues to help more animals in need without breaking the need for social distancing.
  • Shelters and rescues are doing fewer adoptions both because people are scared and from the need to close their facilities to limit social contact. Some shelters are having trouble staffing enough people to keep their doors open. Fostering or adopting an animal can help save a life during this desperate time.
  • When you get a new pet you always need to purchase at least a few new supplies. Getting these from your local pet supply store will help your local economy! Contact us for our supply delivery service if you want to stay home.
  • The extra time with you working from home and practice social distancing will give your pet time to adjust to your home and the new surroundings. It can be startling for a dog or cat to be in a new place and have you leave to go to work for an entire day. This time eases the transition so they will be more comfortable when you do go back to work.
  • Contact with dogs and cats has been proven to improve mood and mental health. Plus having to walk a dog can improve your physical health. I think we could all use a boost right now!
  • And last but not least, getting a new pet gives you a ton of cute pictures to post online. And we can all use something cute to break up the negative news!

How do you foster or adopt safely?

  • Think about what pet would be a good fit for your household, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Take a look online at animals up for adoption at local rescues. Most rescues list their adoptable animals on their website so you can find one that seems to be a good match for you.
  • Reach out to the rescue and see how (or if) they are processing adoptions. Procedures are changing daily so it is best to reach out to them directly and figure out the current method for meeting the pet and going through the adoption process.
  • Get any supplies you need! You can pick them up or have them delivered. Try to purchase them from a local supply store to support your local economy. Take a look at our checklists for getting ready for a dog or cat.
  • If you are interested in fostering a pet, reach out to a local rescue and see if they are accepting new fosters during this time.

Then share the pictures with us!


Wet Noses Pet Sitting – Our Plan for COVID-19

At Wet Noses Pet Sitting we know this is an uncertain time. We want to make things as clear as possible for our clients so here is a summary of everything you need to know with links to more details.

This page is updated regularly!

We are still open and providing services!

  • We still have clients traveling and needing dog walks.
  • We anticipate there will always be some need for our services and we plan to continue providing them.
  • We expect some of our clients will need to leave town to care for sick relatives.
  • We are following all the recommended procedures to prevent contact between humans to prevent transmission.
  • Even with the stay-at-home order in Colorado and Larimer County, we are considered essential business when caring for pets.

What happens if your pet sitter gets sick?

  • Sitters tell their managers when they first feel sick.
  • Sitters check in multiple times a day after that.
  • Sitters check into a visit on our software when they arrive, so we can track them throughout the day.
  • We verify all of the necessary information for pet and home care is up-to-date, including an extra key.
  • We prepare a backup sitter to take over if necessary.

Read more about our procedures

What happens if a manager gets sick?

  • We have multiple managers at Wet Noses and other sitters trained in our management system.
  • We have training systems for managers if any clarification is needed.
  • Someone will always be available to help our clients!

What if you get sick?

  • We have sitters willing to walk your dog should you become ill and are at home. A sitter will come and pick up your dog for a walk without entering your home and drop her off when the walk is done. The sitter will use their own equipment and/or wear gloves at all times.
  • We encourage all people with pets to plan for the care of their pets!
    • Decide who is responsible for the care of your pets if you were to get sick enough to be hospitalized.
    • Make sure this person has written instructions for the care of your pets and permission to seek veterinary care.
    • Have enough supplies on hand for 2 weeks and a way for a care provider to get more supplies if needed.
  • If you wish for us to care for your pet if you get ill, make sure your information is up to date on your profile and leave written instructions designating us as the care provider.

Read our full instructions on how to prepare for a pandemic with pets

What if your trip is delayed or canceled?

  • We have no cancellation fees for situations out of your control, such as coronavirus.
  • We are encouraging clients to schedule trips for the upcoming summer months. If people are able to travel in the summer, it will be a very busy time for us and we want to make sure you are on the schedule! If all travel remains on hold then you can cancel your appointment.
  • IF YOU ARE STUCK OUT OF TOWN we will continue to care for your pets as long as is needed. Just keep us updated on your plans.

Additional resources

We will be updating this page anytime there is a change, so check back!

Contact us with any questions or concerns!

How to Plan for a Pandemic with Pets


Preparing for a pandemic like coronavirus is a little different than preparing for another emergency. In other situations, you would be with your pets and might have an outside situation, like a fire or flood, but in a pandemic, you have to worry about lack of supplies or becoming ill yourself. Here we specifically talk about ideas to prepare for these situations!

1. Collect supplies

  • You do not need huge stocks of food in a pandemic, but definitely restock a few days in advance.
  • If the food you normally purchase is not available, you will be able to spend a few days transitioning to new food. 3-4 days is usually enough for most dogs and cats, but if your pet has a sensitive stomach, always keep enough for a slower transition.
  • If your pet needs special or hard-to-acquire food, keep a few weeks supply on hand. Talk with your supplier to see if they anticipate having a shortage in the future and stock more if necessary.
  • Keep at least a week’s worth of medication on hand at all times.
  • If you are concerned about going out to purchase these items, check to see if anyone in the area will deliver these items to you. Many companies are willing to deliver for a fee or you can pick up and they will bring the items out to you. (We are beginning to offer this service if you are interested, just contact us.)

2. Have clear instructions

  • Assume the worse and prepare instructions for pet care for an extended period if you were to become ill.
  • Make a full list for all of the pets in your home including:
    • Feeding and medication instructions
    • Types of food and where to purchase it
    • Medical history and copies of vaccinations
    • Contact information for veterinarian and other helpers
  • A great way to do this is to create a document in the cloud (thinking Google docs) and share the link with the people who will be able to care for your pets, just in case. Then it is easy to keep up to date.

3. Choose who will provide care in an emergency

  • Make sure these people have access to the instructions you wrote up.
  • Provide written permission for these people to seek out medical care for your pets if needed.
  • Design a system for these people to be notified if you become ill.
  • Add instructions for pet care and passing of ownership in your will (or an addendum for a temporary solution).
  • Find a way to financially provide for your pet’s care in the case that you become ill. Leaving money with instructions or access to a credit card are good ideas.


We provide more ideas every day on how to get through the coronavirus outbreak. 

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We will all get through this together!

How to Work from Home with Your Pets During the Coronavirus Pandemic!


Many of us are suddenly having to work from home as schools and workplaces shut down. So here I have suggestions for you on how to keep getting work done even with the distractions of dogs and cats all over!

1. Establish your business expectations

Check with your boss and see exactly what expectations they have with you working from home. Do they want you to keep the same work hours? What if your cat decides to walk in front of the screen during a video call? What if your dog barks while you are on a call with a client? Are these acceptable interruptions? Having a clear understanding of how this change will work and how it will affect your home life is important.

2. Keep your routine the same

Humans and pets thrive on routine. Normally when you are home on evenings and weekends, you are off of work and happy to spend time with your pets. This time with you at home will be confusing for your pets so it is best to keep your routine the same. Get up at the same time, feed them, go for walks, get dressed and start working at the times you normally would.

3. Set up a special place in your home

Working in a specific area of your home that is set aside for work can help keep distractions to a minimum. Analyze the space and make it comfortable for your pets by adding beds, bowls and toys to keep your pets out of your space. If you need to lock your pets out (do not feel guilty if you do), then you will need a room with a door, not the kitchen table.

4. Use a dog walker

Even though you are working from home, still consider using a dog walker to continue your normal routine and support your local company. Even if you do not normally have a dog walker, consider reserving one to take out your dog during the day or perhaps during an important call to make sure you are not interrupted.


This is a stressful time but we can band together and get through this together!

Join us on Facebook daily for tips on how to get through this stressful time and even have some fun!

New Years Resolutions to Bond with Your Pet


The New Year has arrived and if you are like most people you are setting your resolutions for the coming year. The best resolutions can improve the lives of you and your pets, and bring you closer together! Here we have 5 suggestions on how to set New Years Resolutions to improve the bond with your dog or cat!

1. Exercise with your pets

You can take your dog or a walk or a run, go rollerblading or hiking. The options are endless! No matter your sport of choice, you can probably find a way to include your dog. cats are a little harder to convince but finding the perfect toy and play style to match your cat can be a great challenge.

Learn How to Get Your Cat to Play

2. Improve their (and your) quality of food

Good nutrition is invaluable both for you and your pets. Take some time this year to analyze your diets. Visit a local pet food supplier, do some research online and change it up! Ideally cats should eat an all wet food, high-quality diet and dogs need high quality food. You can learn a lot about dog nutrition at Dog Food Advisor, which rose to popularity when dog foods were being recalled in high numbers.

Learn about Feeding Schedules and Pet Diets

How to Choose A Healthy Dog Food

3. Take a class together

There are so many options these days for classes for pets. Look up local dog trainers to find options like obedience, agility, nosework and rally. There is something for every dog! If a traditional class does not fit into your schedule then consider an online course such as Ian Dunar’s Dog & Cat Behavior Problems class on Udemy. Being able to understand your pets better will lead to a more enjoyable life for everyone in the household!

4. Teach a new trick

Tricks are fun for your pets to learn and for us to teach! Plus who does not enjoy showing off a cool new trick to their friends? Teaching tricks can be easy once you know the steps to take for your dog or cat. The key to bonding is to do short training sessions and to keep the experience all positive and fun. You can find endless videos for teaching dog and cat tricks on YouTube, or take a specific class like Dog Training – Tricks Level 1 or It’s All Tricks!

5. Play a new game

Games are fun to play with your pets and can be adapted to the weather and your pet’s preferences. Check out our links for a ton of game ideas!

Fun Fall Games for Your Dog

Fun Things to Do with Your Dog in the Snow

7 Fun Winter Activities For Your Dog

Fun Things to Do with Your Cat on a Nice Day

What Can Your Pets Eat on Christmas?

How to Catch a Loose Dog


Hopefully you are looking at this post because you are curious about what to do if your dogs gets loose. In the best case scenario, your dog is safe and sound by your side and you are going to take some time to practice the techniques in this podcast so you are prepared if your dog ever does get loose. I hope that is the case. We have some great ideas that will not work for all dogs, but something in here will work, so it is best to try them out and see what is successful. If your dog is missing (not where you can see him), take a look at the links below and our previous podcast on how to find a missing pet.
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How to Find a Missing Pet


Next week is Take Your Dog to Work Week so it is time to get prepared! Taking your dog to work can be fun and extremely rewarding, but you need to prepare in advance to make sure the day goes smoothly and you are still able to get some work done. Today we discuss how to decide if it is a good idea to take your dog to work, how to prepare beforehand and what to do on the special day to make sure it goes smoothly!
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How to Identify a Puppy Mill


We all love puppies but if you are thinking of adding a new pup to your household, you want to be sure it is from a rescue or from a good dog breeder, not a puppy mill. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a puppy is from a puppy mill, so today we talk about the signs and what to look for in a good dog breeder.
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