Client Portal

If you are a new or current client, this is the page for you! You can create an account with us or book an appointment.


  • On leash walks: For the safety of your dog and our sitter, we do not walk dogs off-leash under any circumstances.
  • Minimum cat visits: Many cats do well with one or two visits a day. We do require a minimum of one visit per day you are gone.
  • Minimum dog visits: Dogs can require anywhere from two visits per day (if you have a dog door) to three visits with an overnight stay. We do recommend at least three drop in visits per day or an overnight stay for dogs that do not have a dog door so that they have a chance to go out at least every 8 hours.
  • Minimum first booking: We require a minimum first booking of $50. If your appointment is less than the minimum then your account will be credit for the future.
  • Key requirements: Two keys to your home, or a key and a garage code, if you are going to be out of town. Garage codes can be substituted for a key for dog walks, but we require at least one copy of a key if you are going to be leaving town. Read more about why we require two keys.
  • Cancellations
    • Acts of God: For cancellations due to unavoidable problems there is no cancellation fee. Common problems are: bad weather here or the area you are traveling to, natural disasters, government shutdown, etc. Being sick is not an unavoidable problem.
    • Dog walks: You will be credited for the visit if you cancel by 9am the day of the visit.
    • Vacations: There is a fee of 50% of the total invoice if you have canceled within 4 days of a normal trip or 7 days before a holiday trip. For trips of longer than 2 weeks a deposit may be required that will not be refunded if canceling within 2 weeks of the trip. Details will be discussed for each such situation.