5 Things To Do In Denver This Fourth of July_Header

5 Things To Do In Denver This Fourth of July

5 Things To Do In Denver This Fourth of July_Header


Fourth of July is coming up. It’s best to get your pet sitter booked early. Here are some activities happening in and around Denver, Colorado this Fourth of July.

Being the capital of Colorado, Denver has a wide variety of events to celebrate Fourth of July.

Coors Field

Following the Colorado Rockies games on the 1st and 2nd you’ll be able to view some fireworks. The best seats will be inside the stadium but if you’d rather not watch the game you can still watch the fireworks. Lower Downtown or adjacent urban neighborhoods are an alternative place to watch the show.

  • When: Friday, July 1, 2022 % Saturday, July 2, 2022
  • Where: Coors Field
  • Activities: Fireworks & Baseball

You can pre-purchase tickets here.

Cranmer Park Community Picnic

  • When: Friday, July 1, 2022 @ 6:00PM
  • Where: Cranmer Park
  • Activities: Fireworks, Music by The Denver Municipal Band @ 7:00PM

This event goes until the end of the Glendale fireworks.

Four Mile Historic Park’s Independence Day Celebration

  • When: Saturday, July 2, 2022 10:00AM – 4:00PM
  • Where: Four Mile Historic Park
  • Activities: Crafts, Food Trucks, Live Music by the Denver Concert Band

This event does require paid admission. You can purchase tickets here. Tickets start at $8. Kids under 6 are free. Tickets are free for FMHP members.

Civic Center Independence Eve Celebration

Unlike previous years, this years event will be fenced in for heightened security measures.

  • When: Sunday, July 3, 2022 @ 5:00PM – 10:00PM
  • Where: Denver’s Civic Center Park
  • Activities: Music by Dragondeer, Food Trucks, Fireworks

Fireworks begin at 9:30PM.

Central Park Pancake Breakfast & Parade

  • When: Monday, July 4, 2022 @ 9:00AM – 10:30AM
  • Where: Central Park
  • Activities: Breakfast! Followed by an old-fashioned parade @ 10:30AM

This event has a suggested donation. Suggested donation of $5/adults, $3/children or family 4-pack for $12. All proceeds benefit the South Green Swim Team. The event will be followed by an old-fashioned parade featuring bikes, trikes, and wagons at 10:30AM

Park Hill 4th of July Parade

  • When: Monday, July 4, 2022 @ 1:30PM – 3:00PM
  • Where: From 23rd Ave. from Dexter St. to Krameria St.
  • Activities: 50+ Floats, Marching Band, Costumed Characters, Live Music

There you have it. More than, 5 Things to do in Denver This Fourth of July! Actually that’s more than five 🤔😃 We hope you have a safe and fun July 4th!

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What to do if your Pet Goes Missing in Denver_Header

What To Do If Your Pet Goes Missing in Denver

What to do if your Pet Goes Missing in Denver_Header

Loosing a pet can be extremely scary, especially if you do not know where to start looking. There is a lot of information out there on how to find a missing pet, but I wanted to write something specific to Denver, so you can just go down the checklist and get it done.

1. The Basics

For the first few minutes after a pet goes missing, you want to start with the basics.

  • Do a patrol of the area to see if you find any evidence of Bailey
  • Talk to the neighbors, especially anyone working outside, to see if they noticed Bailey going by
  • If Bailey is a dog, swing by her favorite places to walk or any place for playdates to see if she went there
  • Read up on How to Catch a Loose Dog for some tips if you do see her running free

2. Who to Contact First

You have done the basic search and turned up nothing. This is typically 15-30 minutes after you have realized Bailey is missing. Now it is time to reach out for help.

  • Denver Animal Shelter – call to speak with someone over the phone and give them a heads up that you just lost your pet.
    • (720) 913-1311
    • 1241 W Bayaud Ave, Denver, CO 80223
  • Dumb Friends League – Your pet may be taken to one of their drop-off locations. There are 2 locations where strays are accepted. They also have a dedicated Lost and Found page that provides additional resources.
    • Leslie A. Malone Center, in Denver
    • Buddy Center in Castle Rock, in Castle Rock
  • If Bailey has a microchip, contact the company to let them know she is missing and how to reach you, just in case your information is not up to date.
  • Contact any veterinarians, groomers, and pet supply stores in your immediate area (around a mile from where she went missing), in case someone picks her up and brings her in.

3. Social Media Time!

The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding a pet. Your friends and complete strangers are going to be happy to help you search the interwebs for any news of Bailey.

  • Post on all of your personal social media networks. Include a recent picture, where and when she went missing and any directions you want people to follow, such as how to contact you, not to chase Bailey, Bailey is afraid of men, etc. Specifically ask people to share the post. If you know any people in the animal world, such as your normal dog walker or groomer, ask them to share since they have such a large reach.
  • Post on these pages. There are many pages specifically dedicated to helping reunite missing pets with their people. Post on as many as you can, but start with Facebook. That is where we have had the most luck in recent years.
    • Lost and Found Pets of Northern Colorado – a Facebook group that is very active and easy to post in.
    • Nextdoor – This is a newish system for people to coordinate with their neighborhoods on various subjects. When you post it can be seen by those directly in your area.
    • Post on Denver Craigslist in the Community -> Pets section as well as Community -> Lost+Found. There is no charge to do so.
    • PetFBI – Fill out their form to add your report to their database.
    • PawBoost – You can pay for upgraded service, but they list your pet for free on Facebook and in their database.
    • LostMyDoggie – They post on Facebook but they also alert local shelters and rescues.
    • PetKey – A smaller page, but everything helps!
    • Northern Colorado Pet Lovers – A group ran by Wet Noses Pet Sitting. It’s a small group but another set of eyes always helps!
  • Head out and continue looking for Bailey. Make sure you are able to answer the phone if someone calls! Ask your neighbors to check their garages, sheds, and yards to make sure she is not hiding there.
    Free stock photo of husky animal

4. What is the Next Step?

If you are approaching evening, there are a few steps you can take, especially if Bailey is shy and still might be in the area.

  1. Double-check with any neighbors coming home to make sure they did not see her earlier in the day.
  2. Consider leaving your door open so Bailey can come in at night if she was lost from your home.
  3. If Bailey is a cat, place her litter box outside where she can smell it.

5. The Next Day

You have done all of the fast, easy options and Bailey has not been found. Now is time to dig in and spread the word that Bailey is missing.

  • File a lost pet report if you have not already done so. Animals can travel surprisingly long ways and folks sometimes pick them up and take them to their local shelter, which may not be Denver County.
  • Check the Lost Pets Online. Your pet may end up on here. Animals are held for 5 days.
  • Post a lost pet ad in the paper. It may seem outdated, but they are still read regularly.
  • Contact local breed rescues that relate to Bailey. For instance, if she is a Golden Retriever, contact the local Golden rescue. There are too many for me to list here, and they change regularly, so search online for one. You can also contact All Breed Rescue Network at (888) 440-6467. They keep a running list of breed rescues in the Colorado area. Sometimes breed rescues will be able to offer more suggestions or help specific to your breed.
  • Print off flyers from one of the sources you used yesterday. Post flyers in veterinary hospitals, groomers, trainers, pet supply stores, the dog park, and anywhere animal-related. Many local businesses also have community boards. Start with businesses near you and increase the distance the longer Bailey is missing. Posting flyers on mailboxes and phone poles is illegal, although many people do it.
  • Continue to update posts online. People will be wondering if you found Bailey and you want to keep them searching. Ask for help again and for people to keep sharing your posts.
  • Talk to people in the neighborhood where Bailey went missing. Offer a reward for any information leading to finding her.
  • If you hear of people spotting her, go to that area and search. Shy animals can be very hard to catch, especially during active times of the day when there are a lot of people around. If you believe she might be in the area, go out during quiet times in the evening or morning when she is more likely to appear. You can also look at renting a humane trap if you are sure she is there but cannot catch her.
    Free stock photo of cat pet

6. DO NOT Give Up Hope

The longer you search the more discouraged you become. Keep looking! Here are a few searches I have helped with over the years for people I know:

  • A small, very shy dog went missing. We tracked her to a neighborhood where kids had spotted her (we paid them to keep an eye out for her). After a few days, we were not able to find her until a kid came forward. A woman in the neighborhood had picked her up and had given her to a family member in Colorado Springs. Once confronted we were able to get her back.
  • A dog ran out of his front door. The neighbors a few houses down saw him, but not not the people at the end of the block. He vanished! They continued searching and found him late that night being walked by a nice couple who lived down the street. They had been leaving earlier when they saw him run by, so they put him in the garage and then left for a few hours. They had just returned home.
  • A woman’s dog had been missing for months. She sent out flyers to shelters across the country and he showed up in Fort Collins. Turned out a trucker had picked her up and driven her across 3 states before dropping her off at the local shelter!

We regularly hear stories of animals being reunited years after going missing due to their microchips. Keep that information up-to-date and continue your search!

7. Once you Find Your Pet

Congratulations! I am so excited for you and you must feel so relieved!

  • Take the moment and enjoy it. Do not scold Bailey, she is just happy to see you!
  • Plan a trip to the vet if your pet was gone for a while or appears to be injured.
  • Go back and take down those flyers, lost pet reports and postings online so that everyone knows you found your fur kid.
  • Return the favor and share information about missing pets for other people!

Denver County Lost Pet Infographic

If you have a resource that is not listed, Please Let Us Know so we can get it added!