How Do I Keep My Dog Safe on the 4th of July?

It’s almost time for that beautiful American celebration where households all around the nation fire up the grill, stock up the fireworks and pick out a watermelon. Most of us love the chance to relax with our loved ones and enjoy an extra day off work while celebrating how great it is to live in the USA. However, it’s not always the safest or greatest time of year for our pets. So, make sure you remember these safety tips to keep your dog safe of the 4th of July.

1. Don’t bring them to a large party or fireworks display

If you’re going to a good friend or family member’s BBQ where you dog is very comfortable and it won’t be too loud, then, by all means, include them in the celebrations. If you’re going to an unfamiliar place for your dog with lots of food and festivities it’s best to leave them at home. The same goes for any type of firework displays, even if they are on your own block. Your dog will not like or appreciate being included for this event, so just leave them at home where they are much more comfortable.

2. Set them up a safe and quiet area at home

You may have an especially active firework-loving neighborhood and if so, make sure your dog is as far removed from the commotion as possible. This is can also be helpful for if you’re having a BBQ or party at your house. They can easily get out in the shuffle of guests, get into the trash, or even worse, get into alcoholic or poisonous substances while everyone preoccupied.

Put them in a bedroom or laundry room (with toxic items placed high on shelves) and turn on some ambient noise like a soft radio or TV.  Include their favorite toys and bed with some treats and water. This will help keep them safe and calm while the festivities can continue without worry.


Once the fireworks go off your dog can panic leading them to try to jump a fence or even get tied up and choke on their leash.


3. Update ID’s and microchips

This is a good time of year to get new collars and tags and to make sure that their microchips are up to date just in case they do happen to get out during the celebrations. If your dog happens to get out during the party, once the fireworks start you never know how far away they could run. It’s important to make sure they can be ID’d and brought home ASAP.


4. Use calming items like Thundershirts and soothing music

If you know your dog is nervous around loud noises, consider some preventative measurements. Thundershirts are like wraps that make your dog feel secure. They work for around half of dogs. Smoothing music or television may help drown out some of the noise.


Keeping your dog safe on the 4th of July isn’t too hard, just follow these few simple steps to help make them comfortable while you relax and enjoy your family and friends!