Your Pet’s New Best Friends

At Wet Noses Pet Sitting we have only the best sitters ready to care for your pets. All of our sitters are covered by our bonding and insurance, have background and reference checks, and have experience with animals. All sitters become Pet CPR certified within two months of joining our team and receive training in animal care. More recently our sitters have begun taking the Fear Free course so they can provide top-level care. Below are short biographies of each of our sitters so that you can get to know a little about them.


Owner of Wet Noses Pet Sitting

lianaMy name is Liana and I am the owner of Wet Noses Pet Sitting! I am a graduate of CSU with degrees in Biology and Zoology and have been pet sitting in Fort Collins for over 13 years. I have been working with animals most of my life, including working at the Larimer Humane Society, Wildkind and the Canine Learning Center. I have been a foster parent for a variety of animal rescues including: Animal Friends Alliance, All Breed Rescue, Italian Greyhound Rescue, and Rottie Aid. I spent time volunteering with Avalon Aviary to learn more about our feathered parrot friends and spent years teaching as a Pet Tech Pet CPR Instructor. I had a great time teaching classes for our sitters, clients and the local public, as well as increasing my knowledge of pet nutrition and other specialized care, including pet hospice, an emerging field increasingly needed by our clients.

I began pet sitting in 2001 and started Wet Noses Pet Sitting after many years of just helping out friends and family. I currently share my home with my English Shepherd Podrick (pictured here), Max the Husky, 3 kittens that I foster failed, a Russian tortoise, chickens, hermit crabs, and a 55-gallon freshwater fish tank. I love to make sure that your pets are receiving the wonderful care that Wet Noses Pet Sitting is known for!

Our Pet Sitters


Savanna grew up all over the world working with all different types of animals and now loves working with your pets!

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Olivia has worked with animals in a wide variety of businesses and now enjoys working with our clients as our assistant manager.

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Adrienne has traveled the world working with animals and is looking forward to working with your pets!

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Alysha has lived in Colorado for 27 years and is loves meeting new animals and caring for them while you are gone.

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Ambyr is fun loving person who wants to share her love with animals and would love to share it with your pets in Loveland!

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Ann has worked with dogs, cats, horses, and other animals in a variety of positions and now is looking forward to being a pet sitter!

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Becky has been a teacher and now she is focusing on animals, including caring for your pets!

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Brooke E

Brooke has worked with horses and all sorts of fur pets, and now is excited to meet yours!

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Caitlin is studying to become a vet tech when she is not working with horses or playing with you fur kids!

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Deirdre moves from New York and is loving Colorado and working with your pets!

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Gretchen has worked at a dog groomer and now is enjoying spending time with animals while pet sitting!

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Jessica J

After working in all aspects of the pet world, Jessica realized that pet sitting is her passion and is excited to work at Wet Noses Pet Sitting to follow that passion!

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Jess V R

Jess has been pet sitting for years in different areas including farms. Now she is here in Fort Collins and excited to watch your pets!

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Kaeberle has been working with pets for years in different areas and is now happy to be pet sitting!

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Kelsie grew up on a farm and has a lot of knowledge about a variety of pets!

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Kenzie moved here from Kansas City and has experience with a variety of types of animals. She loves spending time with all of the different pets!

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Leslee has a houseful of pets and has worked with humans most of her life. Now she enjoys working with pets!

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Michelle spent years working with horses as well as other animals and now is going to be pet sitting!

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Natalie was a Veterinary Assistant and decided to go back to school to learn more. She is planning to working in wildlife rehabilitation and currently enjoys spending time with your pets!

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Robert played sports professionally and then decided to work with animals in pet sitting and rescue.

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Sam is going to school to be a vet tech and loves spending time with all types of pets!

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Sonia is getting ready to go to vet school and loves learning about new pets!

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Suzie has worked with a wide variety of animals including all sorts of farm animals. Now she is enjoying pet sitting for you!

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