5 Things To Do In Loveland This Fourth of July

5 Things To Do In Loveland This Fourth of July

5 Things To Do In Loveland This Fourth of July

Fourth of July is coming up. It’s best to get your pet sitter booked early. Here are some activities happening in and around Loveland, Colorado this Fourth of July.

There are tons of events happening during the Festival at North Lake Park. Make sure you visit the City of Loveland‘s website for a full list. We can’t possibly cover them all!

Remember – Only sparklers, snakes, fountains, smoke balls, items with crackle or strobe effects, wheels and spinners and various novelty items that can be purchased at sanctioned fireworks stands within Loveland’s City limits are legal. Anything that leaves the ground is illegal. This includes bottle rockets, cherry bombs, mortars, M-80s and Roman candles. This is great news for pups and cats who are scared of sudden loud noises.

July 4th Festival at North Lake Park

The Festival at North Lake Park features a wide variety of events. Make sure to check the official page for all the details. All events are happening in North Lake Park.

Lovelands Lions Club

  • When: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
  • Where: Near the Train Depot
  • Activities: Hot Dogs & Hamburgers, Train Rides

Children’s Bike Parade Around North Lake Park

  • When: 3:00PM – 8:00PM
  • Where: Starts near Kid Zone and loops around Duck Pond

Cornhole Tournament

  • When: 4:00PM
  • Where: Next to the Beer Garden
  • Activities: Cornhole!

Beer Garden


  • When: Monday, July 4, 2022 @ 9:17PM
  • Where: North Lake Park

There you have it. 5 Things to do in Loveland This Fourth of July! We hope you have a safe and fun July 4th!

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