What Does a Pet Sitter Do?


You have finally decided that getting a pet sitter is right for you and your pet. But at the same time you are wondering, “what exactly does a pet sitter do?” While we do have one of the most rewarding jobs someone can have, we do much more than love and play with animals all day. There is a lot that goes into professional pet sitting than meets the eye.

Yes, we give TLC including cuddles, walking & playing with pets.

Our primary concern is taking care of your pet’s immediate needs; walking, feeding and giving them love and attention is our first concern. But we also are trained for emergency situations, CPR, plus other important knowledge in case your pet was to fall ill while you are away.

We also do a combination of other helpful tasks for your pet and home.

  • Our sitters are trained to be able to administer any medicine needed
  • We can provide hospice care for older pets
  • Overnight visits
  • When you’re away a pet sitter can give your home a “lived in” feel by leaving lights on or opening/closing blinds
  • Cleaning litter boxes
  • Changing water/food bowls

It’s good to know your home and your pets are being looked after, especially when you’re going away on vacation. You never know what kind of situation can arise while you’re not at home; pipes can burst, HVAC units or power can go out and pets can get stuck in any manner of places. That’s why having a pet sitter is even more beneficial than just a walk, a few belly rubs and fresh food.

Pets who have pet sitters or other pet care services (such as walking) are happier, get more exercise, have less stress and more socialization, plus they have healthier urinary tracts and diets.

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