Fun Things to Do with Your Cat on a Nice Day


Flowers are popping up, the life and fragrances of spring are all around us. The sun practically begs you to get outside and play. It’s easy to get your dog out to the park for some fun in the sun, but what about the poor kitty stuck inside watching sunny days pass from their perch? Animals love to be outside, it’s in their nature, but if your cat is indoor only they don’t get as much or any time to enjoy it.

That doesn’t always have to be the case. If you think your feline fur baby is feeling left out, there are some great fun and safe outdoor activities you can enjoy with your cat on a nice day.

Visit the vet for a check up

Update shots if needed and talk to them about flea, tick and mosquito treatments along with any other health risks. Let them know your plans and ask for any special vet tips they may have up their sleeve.

Stock up on supplies

Cats are creatures of comfort any way you slice it. They are also a flight risk when outside, so make sure to get a nice harness and leash. Bring a bag full of treats, water, travel bowls, disposable litter box and anything else you think would help them enjoy the day. Also, make sure they have an updated tag and new collar if the old one was worn.

Leash training basics

A few weeks before your outdoor adventure get your cat used to the leash and harness or walking jacket. Leave it out around the house, play with it and give them treats when you try to slip it on so they think of it in a positive way. Also, never hook a leash just to a collar, cats need a harness or jacket to keep their neck safe and avoid them slipping out. Once they are used to it, start to take him or her around the yard or on the patio; somewhere quiet and close to home. 

Now your cat is ready to spend some time outside with you on a nice day, but what should you do?

  • Take them for a walk – even if they don’t like walking with the harness, they would probably love being strolled around like the diva baby they are.
  • Pet Festivals or Stores – Many stores and pet advocacy groups hold spring festivals that would be perfect to bring your favorite feline.
  • Day Trip – Take them to the beach, the park or even hiking. Whether they are on a leash and harness or in a stroller, taking in the fresh air and wildlife is always great.

No matter what you choose, just make sure you stay with your cat at all times. Watch for dehydration if it gets warm during the day or if you’re on a long walk. You know your cat better than anyone, if she seems stressed out then it may be time to call it a day and try something less adventurous next time. But I bet sooner or later they will learn to love their new outdoor side of life.  

What are some fun things you do with your cat on a nice day? Sound off below and let us know!