What Can I Do to Make My Dog More Comfortable on New Year’s Eve?


If you’ve read our previous blog post, “Why does my dog not like New Year’s Eve?”, then odds are you’re looking for tips to make your dog more comfortable on New Year’s Eve! Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can start off the year right with a happy, healthy pooch!

Keep Pets Indoors

As tempting as it is to keep your dog outside while your party guests are over, you may want to rethink this option. Your neighbors are most likely experimenting with fireworks and firecrackers, scaring Fido into jumping the fence and running away. Keep your dog inside a secure room in the house with the windows and doors closed so he doesn’t have the opportunity to run!

Turn up the TV or radio

While you are enjoying the chatter, fireworks, and festivities among friends and family, your pup is most likely shaking in fear. To make him more comfortable, keep him secured in a safe location and turn up some familiar noises to soothe and distract him.

Give your dog a special treat

Think about giving your pup a long-lasting special treat, like a bully-stick or bone, to distract him. Chances are, it will take him more than a few minutes to consume it and will keep him satisfied for a few hours.

Rescue Remedy

If you are not familiar with this wonder product, look into buying some Rescue Remedy for your pup. It is a natural stress reliever that you can add to their food, water, or directly into their mouth. It may not be completely effective, but it is worth a shot if you know your pup is the anxious type!

Whether you are hosting a party for 20 or a party for one, remember to keep your dog as comfortable as possible this New Year’s Eve by following these tips! So tell us, what else have you tried to make your dog comfortable in these scary situations?


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