Why Should I Hire a Cat Sitter?

When you leave town, deciding what to do with your cat can be a challenge. Should you hire a cat sitter? Should you board your cat? Or should you find a kind friend to step in?

She Gets to Stay Home

Cats are the most comfortable in their own space. By allowing them to stay in areas that are familiar, you cat will be happier and much less stresses. She can maintain her normal routine, feeding times, litter box and familiar space.

Keep Her Healthy

Cats who stay home are not exposed to other animals or illnesses. When boarding a cat she will be exposed to other cats and possible illnesses. Cats can easily become sick with an upper respiratory infection, which is what plagues shelters because it can travel through the air.


Make Sure She Eats

Cats that are stressed often stop eating, leading to a cascade of health problems. With a sitter, your cat can stay home and remain as stress-free as possible.

Sitters Notice Changes

Cats can become ill quickly, or not show symptoms until they are very sick. Since you kitty will be at home, changes in behavior will easily be noticed quickly with a sitter checking on her daily.

Home Security

With a sitter coming at least once a day, your home will appear lived in and remain secure. Sitters can bring in mail and newspaper, change lights and blinds, and take care of any other household concerns. This can prevent theft and make sure that your house is cared for in your absence.


If you are considering hiring a cat sitter, no matter what sitter you use, we have a list of ideas for schedules. The schedule for your cat depends on your cat’s personality and finding the right one is important to keep her happy and healthy.


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