8 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Pet Sitter

Your vacation is planned, your pet sitting appointment is booked, you are all packed, now what?  There are few steps you can take to make life much easier for your pet sitter by preparing your home for a pet sitter.

Wet Noses’ Top 8 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Pet Sitter

1)   Secure your home.

Make sure all of your doors, windows, and gates are locked.

2)  Put all of your pet supplies in a central location.

We don’t mind going into a cabinet or two but try not to send your sitter digging through 3 rooms two find the supplies they need.

3)  Make sure all medication is in a cabinet out of animal reach.

Your pup may be great normally but when he is left alone for a couple days in a row he might go exploring.

4)  Verify that all of your information for your pet sitter is correct.

At Wet Noses Pet Sitting we use an online system that should be updated regularly, but whatever system your sitter uses should be updated.  This should include all of your pet’s care details, house information, plant watering, emergency contacts, garage code and the alarm code.

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5) Update your information

Make sure your sitter has updated information to contact you in case of an emergency.  If you will not be reachable via your regular phone leave the information for your travel plans, hotel numbers, travel agent, etc.

6) Think about where you want your pet to have access

Close off any rooms you do not want your pets to have access to while you are gone.  Also, change lights and blinds in those rooms to the way you want them to stay.  If you want them changed to be sure to leave that information for your sitter.

7)  Get extra supplies!

Inevitably if you only leave enough food for your trip then you will be delayed by weather.  Supply your home as if will be gone a few days longer than you are planning. In case you’re delayed you’re pet will plenty of supplies.

8) Leave your pet sitter any important notes

If there are any favorite hiding spots for your cat, underlying illnesses for your dog, toilets that leak or doors that stick, let your sitter know!  Think of the unusual parts of your home and your pets and assume your sitter will run into the same problem.

Now that you’ve finished preparing your home for a pet sitter, you can relax and enjoy your trip!  Nothing makes a pet sitter happier than to know you had a great time away while they enjoyed spending time with your fur kids.

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