National Dog Fighting Awareness Day


Look at that face! Can you believe that puppies just like these are growing up to be fighting dogs? That is why National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is so important! This is an issue that is easy to ignore unless it is brought to your attention.

Top 3 Halloween Costume Safety Tips For Your Pets


Halloween is fast approaching and we’re all busy planning. There is no doubt costumes are on our minds; whether it’s for yourself, your kids or your fur-babies. And it’s a whole lot of fun dressing up for Halloween. However, there are some costume safety tips you need to know for your pet.

1. Comfort is key

A lot of times Halloween can be chilly. Use an old jacket or sweater for a costume to keep them warm and festive. Something along the lines of a superhero, or firefighter would be good; simple and sweet, but most importantly comfortable for your pet. It needs to be loose fitting, but snug enough

costume safety

that they don’t trip on it.

2. Watch out for choking hazards

Tying on hats or scarves can be super cute too, but make sure you watch them to avoid getting stuck or having the tie wrap around their neck too tightly. Also, avoid costumes where there can chew off small pieces which could cause them to choke or have gestational issues.

3. Keep an eye on them at all times

Make sure to watch your pet carefully for signs of discomfort. You know how miserable it is to be stuck in an uncomfortable outfit. If your dog seems to be suffering for the sake of fashion, maybe it’s time to snap a quick pic for the memory book. Then let sleeping dogs lie for the rest of the night.

When you research pet costumes online, you will undoubtedly run into people say that dressing up your pet for Halloween is cruel. They say your pets don’t understand why or what is going on.  Other people love it because it can be in good fun and it’s a great time to make wonderful memories with the family.

Overall, it’s best to use your judgement and make sure to keep an eye on how they react to the costume.  If your pet is accustomed to clothing, then dressing up in a costume could be a breeze for them.  But, if the costume seems to cause them stress or is a bother to them, then maybe it’s best to leave the costume at home.

There are some great ideas for extremely easy and stress-free costumes for your pets, so make sure to check back and see what other ideas we’ve put together for you this Halloween!

Important Items to Bring When Hiking with Your Dog

I don’t know about you, but disconnecting from the world and getting out into nature is one of my favorite things. However much fun it can be, it does have the potential to be dangerous if you’re not prepared. This is even more true if you decided to bring your canine companion with you. Luckily, with a few important items hiking with your dog can be one of the best ways to spend the day.


Doggy Backpack

Image result for dog backpack

Hiking with your dog does mean extra supplies, so make them carry their own backpack with an extra leash and other supplies. Make sure not to overload it, the general rule is for the pack to weigh one pound to every 20 lbs of pup.

Collapsible Food and Water Bowls

Image from Amazon

A perfect item for you dog’s backpack is a collapsible bowl set for their food and water. This way no matter where on the trail you are, both of you can take a break for hydration and trail mix.

Paw Protecting Dog Booties

Image from Amazon

If you’re navigating particularly rocky terrain or if your dog is somewhat new to being outside on rough ground you may want to pack a pair of these puppy paw protecting boots. These are also perfect for hot pavement or sand.


Heavy Duty Waste Bags

Image from Amazon

The rule of the trail is what you pack in, you pack out. This is the same for waste unless your on a trail that allows you to scoop and bury someone off the main path. Either way packing heavy duty scent eliminating bags is essential. You may also want to bring a compact bag dispenser for them as well.


Me & My Dog Medical Kit

Image from Amazon

Bring a first aid kit is a hiking must, but having one made for both you and your dog is helpful and saves space of bringing extra doggy necessities on top of your own first aid kit.


Other things to consider

  • Make sure your dog is trained well enough to obey commands while hiking
  • Bring bug spray and sunscreen for both of you (baby/kid friendly products work well for dogs)
  • Update ID’s and/or microchip and bring an extra set of tags if you can
  • Snap a picture of your dog before you head out
  • Make sure their shots are up to date


Hiking is blast. But it is more than just fun in the woods, being prepared is key to a successful trip.

What trails do you like to take with your dog? Let us know your favorite trails and hiking with your dog tips!


Do You Know All The Great Things That Pet Sitters Do?


Did you know that our pet sitters can do more than just walk and play with your pets? Because we can ! And while we can do a lot, there are a few things we can’t do. Here are a few questions to help you find out about the extra services we can provide.

Will a pet sitter….?

Take out my trash?

If you are out of town on trash day we will be happy to roll your bin out to the curb and bring it back in. We will also dispose of any waste from your animal during our visit.

Water my plants? 

Sure! As long as you don’t have a forest in your home, we’d be happy to water your house plants for you.

Bring in my mail? 

Yes! We are happy to bring in your mail and leave it on your counter top for you. This is especially perfect for when you’re out town for the week. Also, we can also turn lights on and off while you’re out of town to make it look like someone is home.

Clean my house? 

Yes and no. We will clean up any mess from your pets, but we aren’t maids. We can’t clean up any general messes in your home.

Clean my kitchen? 

We have a lot of pets to visit in a day and we simply don’t have time to clean your kitchen for you. If your pet’s food and water is in the kitchen and they’ve spilled it, we will make sure that is all swept and mopped up. However, we can’t clean up your dishes from breakfast.

Do my laundry? 

No, unfortunately we won’t be doing any of your laundry. If your pet messes up their bed or linens, we will do our best to make sure it is clean. If something needs to be thrown in the wash, we will put it in your laundry room and leave you a note.

As you can see, pet sitters can do a lot more than walking and comforting pets, but we can’t do everything around your home. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and set up an appointment!

5 Tips to Picking a Veterinarian You Love!


Adding a new pet to your family is very exciting. It’s important to find a good vet and start their care as soon as possible. But it is likely that you feel a little overwhelmed when you see the long list of vets in the directory. It’s not too hard to narrow down the search if you know what to consider when choosing a vet.

1. What kind of accreditation do they have?

The best veterinary hospitals are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). They regularly evaluate the practices on about 900 different standards of excellence, which means the level of care is the best in the industry. Visit their website to find an AAHA accredited vet near you.

Many clinics are also starting to offer a Fear Free certification. This is a course that teaches veterinarians to work with animals in such a way as to minimize the fear and stress involve in a vet visit. Find a Fear Free certified veterinarian near you.

2. How convenient are their hours and location?

There’s no doubt that we are busy people. That is why it is important to have a veterinarian office that is located near your home or on your daily commute. Moreover, make sure that they have the hours that fit your daily schedule. If you work long days, find a location with evening or weekend hours.

3. What type of emergency care do they offer?

Accidents and sickness happens. We can’t plan for them and unfortunately they also can happen at all hours of the night. Make sure to have a plan in place for emergency care. If the vet you choose has AAHA accreditation, there is a good chance they have 24 hour emergency services.

4. Do they in house medical equipment and lab testing?

The best offices have in house testing and equipment. If your pet needs lab work or x-rays, the results will be faster; meaning you will know what is wrong and how to treat it as soon as possible.

5. Are there good online reviews and testimonials?

Nothing beats a face to face encounter to tell how much (or how little) you are going to like any particular office. However, in the great day and age of the internet, we have sites like that help shine the light behind the doors. Read reviews on community sites as well as testimonials on their website as well. This will help you get an idea if the practice is a good fit for you family.


After you’ve picked a vet, go for a regular check to assess the level of care. If they are a perfect, then great! If not, try again until you find the one that is just right for you.

Do you have any recommendations for veterinarian offices in the Fort Collins or Loveland area? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

Best Birthday Presents for Dad from the Dog


From the end of June through the first week of July my family has a slew of birthdays. In two short weeks we celebrate 4 birthdays and the 4th of July, including Dad’s.  It’s always fun showering gifts upon your loved ones, so why not throw in presents for Dad from the dog? I mean, you can’t have too many gifts, right?

Sling Back Messenger Bag – Perfect for walks or hikes; Dad can stash all the things he needs including poop bags, cell phone, and treats for everyone.

Doggy Print PJ Pants – After a long day Dad will love getting comfy in these dog print pajamas. He will be hanging out with his canine pal in style.


The Dogfather T-Shirt – This clever shirt is perfect for any Dog Father.


Best Dog Dad Coffee Mug – An epic coffee mug for an epic dog dag.

Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe Coffee Table Book – An amusing and sweet collections of letter from the dog.


Our dogs are a big part of our family, so why not include them in the gift giving?  Throw in their own dog safe birthday cake and then they will truly be a part of the celebration.

What are you favorite gifts from the dog, let us know in the comments below! 


Benefits of Off Leash Dog Parks


Park season is about to be full swing. Getting out to enjoy a some fun in the sun with your awesome pup is the the best part of the weekend. The parks are filling up with people who all are enjoying the beautiful weather after a long winter. You may be left wondering what park to visit this weekend and whether or not off leash dog parks are the best choice for you and your canine companion. Like with most things in life there are benefits and draw backs to pretty much everything, but here are a few reasons why you should try a off lease dog park if you think your dog would like it.

  • It’s a safe place for exercise

It’s no secret that dogs need to run, dart, play and romp around. But sometimes owners don’t have the ability, energy or youth that it takes to give them that exercise. Playing with a dog at the level that is the healthiest for them is also a work out for you. Dog parks are also great because they provide safety from cars, bicyclist, and other hazards.

  • Frequently exercised & socialized dogs are better for the community

Another great benefit of off leash dog parks is that dogs who frequent them are more socialized. They become familiar with neighbors and other dogs, making them less likely to bark or be aggressive on walks. Moreover, a well exercised dog is also a dog that is less likely to get in trouble out of boredom and pent up energy.

  • It’s good for personal & neighborhood safety

Sometimes it’s just you and your dog, but signs all over parks and trails usually say to travel with a buddy. Even though your dog can help protect you, being at a dog park is far safer than on a trail alone. Plus, not only does the park deter crime in the neighborhood, it also connects you with your community. It’s always good to know your neighbors and talk about events and concerns in your area.

As you can see there are many benefits to off leash dog parks. They could be a perfect fit for you and your Fido. Even though as dog sitters and walkers, we don’t take client’s pets to the dog park; but it doesn’t mean that it’s not something you should try. But like we said earlier, everything has an upside and a downside. So check back next week for the drawbacks of off leash dog parks for the rest of the scoop!

What Does a Pet Sitter Do?


You have finally decided that getting a pet sitter is right for you and your pet. But at the same time you are wondering, “what exactly does a pet sitter do?” While we do have one of the most rewarding jobs someone can have, we do much more than love and play with animals all day. There is a lot that goes into professional pet sitting than meets the eye.

Yes, we give TLC including cuddles, walking & playing with pets.

Our primary concern is taking care of your pet’s immediate needs; walking, feeding and giving them love and attention is our first concern. But we also are trained for emergency situations, CPR, plus other important knowledge in case your pet was to fall ill while you are away.

We also do a combination of other helpful tasks for your pet and home.

  • Our sitters are trained to be able to administer any medicine needed
  • We can provide hospice care for older pets
  • Overnight visits
  • When you’re away a pet sitter can give your home a “lived in” feel by leaving lights on or opening/closing blinds
  • Cleaning litter boxes
  • Changing water/food bowls

It’s good to know your home and your pets are being looked after, especially when you’re going away on vacation. You never know what kind of situation can arise while you’re not at home; pipes can burst, HVAC units or power can go out and pets can get stuck in any manner of places. That’s why having a pet sitter is even more beneficial than just a walk, a few belly rubs and fresh food.

Pets who have pet sitters or other pet care services (such as walking) are happier, get more exercise, have less stress and more socialization, plus they have healthier urinary tracts and diets.

Contact us today to find out more! 


Top 7 Mother’s Day Gifts From the Dog


Hi there! Family dog here. I hi-jacked this post to show you some awesome Mother’s Day gifts that we should get Mom this year. She takes such good care of us, making sure we have food in our bowls, balls to catch, and plenty of belly rubs…wait, I think that’s mostly for me. She sure is good to me like that, but I know she does a lot of great human stuff for you too! That’s why we need to chip in (hey, I’m writing the post here…you can do the rest, right?) and get Mom something really sweet from me this year. I want her to know how much I appreciate her being my Dog Mom.


Greatest Dog Mom Shirt – Because my Dog Mom really is the World’s Greatest and everyone should know that!


Dog Mom Animal Lover Charm – What’s not to love about this cute little charm that any Dog Mom is sure to adore.


Dog Lover Coloring Book – I’ve heard that people need to unwind from whatever “adulting” is, so an adult coloring books would be a great way for Mom to relax and get creative. We can even hang her art on the fridge!


Dog Mom Mug– Because Mom really needs her coffee before I start barking at the squirrels.


Super cute Dog Lover Coasters – How cute are these? She’ll love them, every time she picks up her coffee she’ll be remember how proud she is of all the barking I’m doing to keep the yard safe from those deplorable squirrels.


Dog Mom Key Chain – Because Mom is truly my best friend, you have to admit this one has the feels!


Dog Lover’s Dog Shaped Pasta – Cook mom a great dinner on Mother’s Day with these adorable dog shaped pasta. (Just make sure not to cook me! haha wait…don’t look at me like that…MOM!!!)


Any of these gifts will make Mom feel so special this Mother’s Day, so let’s get to planning and let her know just how much we care.

Three Ways to Raise a Healthy Pet


We all want our pets to be with us forever but, unfortunately, that just isn’t possible. But what is possible is taking action to raise a healthy pet, you help ensure that your furry companion has the best chance of a living a long and healthy life, right by your side.

1 Feed Fluffy and Fido a Well-Balanced Diet

When it comes to helping your pet live as nature intended, one area of significance is with the food you feed your canine or kitty companion. Feeding a diet that is balanced and species-appropriate is of the utmost importance. Since both dogs and cats are natural carnivores, good quality protein and moisture are crucial, along with a low starch (carbohydrates and grains) content. With the overabundance of pet food choices, it can be difficult to know what’s best for your pet, so consult with your veterinarian and check out our blog for some tips.

2.  Monitor Your Pet’s Weight

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 53% of adult dogs and 55% of cats are classified as overweight or obese by their veterinarians. Pet obesity has become such a widespread problem that many pet parents don’t even realize their four-legged friend is overweight, putting them at risk for a long list of obesity-related disease.

The problem starts with overfeeding the wrong type of food. Again, since dogs and cats are carnivores, the foundation of their diet should be animal muscle meats, organs and bones.

As well, lack of adequate exercise is a huge risk factor in raising a cat or dog that is “pleasantly plump” (although the risks aren’t pleasant at all). Every animal is designed to be physically active in order to achieve optimal health. Not only can your pet’s lack of exercise result in packed-on pounds, but it can also cause extreme boredom and lack of mental stimulation which can result in a whole host of behavioral issues.

3. Perform At-Home Exams and Schedule Regular Wellness Visits

Dogs and cats alike are experts when it comes to hiding their pain. That’s why it’s important for their pet parents to perform routine at-home wellness exams for their canine and kitty companions. Place your pet on your lap and work your fingers along his body from the tops of his ears to the tip of his tail, looking and feeling for anything odd, such as discharge, debris, lumps, cuts, etc. These exams are a simple and very effective way for you to keep a close eye on your pet’s health.If possible way your pet on a weekly or monthly basis, any change in weight greater than 10% of your pet’s total weight is cause to call your vet. In combination with annual or bi-annual veterinary wellness exams, the chances of a potential health hazard being detected early enough for effective care increase greatly.
Help keep a healthy pet and help them enjoy their lives for as long as possible by doing everything in your power to be the conscientious, caring and effective pet parent you can be!