Top 7 Mother’s Day Gifts From the Dog


Hi there! Family dog here. I hi-jacked this post to show you some awesome Mother’s Day gifts that we should get Mom this year. She takes such good care of us, making sure we have food in our bowls, balls to catch, and plenty of belly rubs…wait, I think that’s mostly for me. She sure is good to me like that, but I know she does a lot of great human stuff for you too! That’s why we need to chip in (hey, I’m writing the post here…you can do the rest, right?) and get Mom something really sweet from me this year. I want her to know how much I appreciate her being my Dog Mom.


1. Greatest Dog Mom Shirt

Because my Dog Mom really is the World’s Greatest and everyone should know that!

2. Dog Mom Animal Lover Charm

What’s not to love about this cute little charm that any Dog Mom is sure to adore.

3. Dog Lover Coloring Book

I’ve heard that people need to unwind from whatever “adulting” is, so an adult coloring book would be a great way for Mom to relax and get creative. We can even hang her art on the fridge!

4. Dog Mom Mug

Because Mom really needs her coffee before I start barking at the squirrels.

5. Super cute Dog Lover Coasters

How cute are these? She’ll love them, every time she picks up her coffee she’ll remember how proud she is of all the barking I’m doing to keep the yard safe from those deplorable squirrels.

6. Dog Mom Key Chain

Because Mom is truly my best friend, you have to admit this one has the feels!

7. Dog Lover’s Dog Shaped Pasta

Cook mom a great dinner on Mother’s Day with this adorable dog-shaped pasta. (Just make sure not to cook me! haha wait…don’t look at me like that…MOM!!!)


Any of these gifts will make Mom feel so special this Mother’s Day, so let’s get to planning and let her know just how much we care.

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