Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

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You can keep your pet safe this Halloween with our Halloween pet safety tips. It’s the time for ghouls, ghosts, and candy! But not everything is fun for your pets.

Keep your pet indoors

Halloween can be an especially dangerous time for cats. Black cats, in particular, can be targeted by neighborhood kids. They can be chased, shot at with BB guns, or otherwise messed with by kids looking to get into mischief. In our home, we make sure to lock our cats indoors from late afternoon until the next morning. They don’t like it much since they are indoor/outdoor and dusk is their favorite time of day, but it’s better than taking a chance of them being hurt.

Plus, the constant ringing of the doorbell can be pretty stressful for both cats and dogs. Most of our pets are highly attuned to and affected by the sound of our doorbell ringing. They can often go bonkers at just one ring, let alone a series of rings in a short amount of time. Set your pet up in a quiet back room with a radio or TV playing softly to drown out the noise. Noise generators like the ones found on mynoise.net can be soothing. This will help keep them safe and calm during the peak hours of trick or treating.

Hide the candy

Of course, most of us know that chocolate is toxic for dogs. But candy, in general, can cause a lot of gastrointestinal distress to our pets. Even though they don’t exactly seek out candy, dogs, in particular, will eat pretty much anything that catches their noses. That’s why it’s best to keep your Halloween candy stash out of your pet’s reach. Don’t forget to check out our post on Halloween Candy Safety for more details.

If you pet does get into large amounts of candy, seek veterinary care immediately.

Practice decoration and costume safety

Decorations can pose threats with wires, ribbons and open flames in pumpkins. Make sure to keep an eye on your pets around any tricky decorations that could harm them. Also, if you’re going to dress up your pet it’s good to be aware of costume dangers.

Halloween is tons of fun for both children and adults, but it can be pretty confusing and a little scary for our pets. They don’t really understand what it is all about. Just think about what goes through the heads during Halloween. Why do their family members suddenly look so funny? What are all these crazy loud decorations that go “BOO!” and make creepy music when people walk by them? And why do all these strange people keep ringing the doorbell??? It’s no wonder that they need a little help staying safe during this spooky holiday. With these Halloween pet safety tips you and your pet will have a safe, fun time this Halloween.

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