Should I Exercise My Arthritic Pet?


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Guest of the Week: Dr. Kelly Rohn with Hidden Springs Veterinary Care

Dr Kelly talks with us today about a very important subject: exercising your elderly or arthritic pets. It is easy to want to take pity on your pets by letting them take it easy and assuming that will help them feel better. But that is not the case! Dogs and cats need exercise in order to keep them from getting more sore and stiff. Dr Kelly speaks to us about why that is and how you can help your pets even when they are older or have arthritis.


Hidden Springs Veterinary Care

Mobile veterinarians are becoming more and more popular, especially for pets who are elderly. The veterinarian is able to see your pets in your own home and look at factors such as the environment, arrangement of furniture and interactions between pets. Dr Kelly does a great job considering the whole care of your pet. Truth be told, mobile vets are becoming more common for people who just do not want the stress of transporting their pets to a clinic or just want to try it out. If you want to try something a little different, consider contacting her, or a mobile veterinarian in your area to discuss options.

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