What Should I Use to Brush My Dog or Cat?


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Guest of the Week: Eika with Purrrfect Paws Cat & Dog Grooming

Eika is a Certified Master Groomer and the work she does when grooming a dog or cat is amazing. Unfortunately, she seems a lot of pets with mats and there is no reason for your dog or cat to get them (she shows us some terrible ones that you can see in the video). When you look at brushes it can be daunting to try to decide which brush perfect for your dog since there are so many different types. Here Eika walks us through the different brush types so you can help which one should be used to brush your dog or cat. She also shows us methods for brushing different dogs so you can see the easiest way to keep your dog or cat mat free!


Purrrfect Paws Cat & Dog Grooming

Purrrfect Paws is located in Windsor, Colorado.

Purrrfect Paws is owned and run by Eika Haas, a Certified master Groomer and Certified Veterinary Technician. This gives her a wide variety of dog and cat experience and makes her uniquely qualified to work with your pet! She is the only groomer so when you make an appointment you know who you will be working with and that your cat or dog will receive the best care!

If you want to learn more about Purrrfect Paws, visit her online and contact Eika to learn more:


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