How Do I Keep My Dog’s Teeth Clean?



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Guest of the Week: Dr. Robinson and Mellissa at Family and Friends Veterinary Care!

Dr. Robinson and Mellissa were kind enough to join us and show us how to brush your dog’s teeth! They also discussed the health concerns with poor dental care and extra tools to help keep her teeth clean.

Tip: Brushing your dog’s teeth can save a ton of money and keep her healthy!

Brushing your dog’s teeth can seem like a hassle, but once they get used to it, brushing can be a fast and easy process.

Tip from Liana: I keep my dog’s toothbrush in the bathroom where I can see it. When I am done brushing my teeth in the morning I brush my dog’s teeth right away, so I do not forget later. He often comes and waits for me to brush his teeth because he gets a treat afterwards! This took some time for him to get used to, but once you are in a routine it becomes much easier.


Family and Friends Veterinary Care

If you want to learn more about Family and Friends Veterinary Care visit them online and set up an appointment!


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