What Vaccines Does My Pet Need?


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Guest of the Week: Dr. Debbie Sunken with Country Companions Veterinary Service

It seems like discussions about vaccines are popping up everywhere, whether it be for dogs, cats or humans. Humans are not our thing here, but Dr. Debbie Sunken was kind enough to join us to discuss the different types of vaccines your pet can and should receive. First she talks about what information you need to give your veterinarian so he/she can give you the best recommendations for your dog or cat. Then she tells us the differences between viral and bacterial vaccines and the basics of how they work. Nothing too complicated but it explains why different vaccines last for different lengths of time before needing a booster.

Then Dr. Sunken tells us about commonly seen vaccinations in dogs and cats and talks about why each is important. She includes a few dog and cat vaccines that have been getting a lot of hype lately but might not be the best for your pets.

This is a longer video that we normally do but it is packed full of information and I did not want to leave any out! If you are wondering if your dog or cat really needs all those shots, then this is the interview for you!


Country Companions Veterinary Service

Mobile veterinarians are becoming more and more popular, especially for pets who are elderly. The veterinarian is able to see your pets in your own home and look at factors such as the environment, arrangement of furniture and interactions between pets. Dr Debbie Sunken works in Northern Colorado and loves to pets in your own home.

If you are interested in learning about her practice, email her at [email protected]

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