Does My Reptile Need UVB Light?


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Guest of the Week: Kate with the Northern Colorado Herpetological Society

Kate is an expert in the care of reptiles and amphibians. When I asked her the ONE THING every Pet Lover should know, her answer was quick. Pet Lovers, especially those who are considering owning a reptile, need to know about UVB lights. In our meeting she discussed how much UVB light a reptile needs, which species need UVB light (and which do not) and how often to change the lights to ensure your reptiles are getting enough UVB to stay healthy. Reptiles are not as well understood by the typical Pet Lover, and thus are more likely to not receive the care they need to stay healthy. Overlooking proper lighting is a common and easy mistake to make. Watch the video to get all of the details!


Northern Colorado Herpetological Society

This amazing groups provides resources, education, and rescue options for reptiles and amphibians in the Northern Colorado area.

If you want to learn more about them, visit them online to learn more:

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