What Can I Do To Keep My Dog Mentally Stimulated?



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Guest of the Week: Beth and Wayne with Canine Companion Consulting

Everyone knows that dogs need some exercise to be happy and healthy, but what about mental stimulation? Turns out dogs need to be mentally stimulated just as much as they need physical exercise. Beth and Wayne showed us some great tricks to entertain your dog inside using their own food and toys, without too much hassle! Watch the video to see their great ideas and then have some fun with your dog, especially during the cold winter months!


Canine Companion Consulting

Beth and Wayne are a dog training team in Northern Colorado who run dog training courses, conduct private training and behavior session as well as run unique groups like their monthly support group for Pet Parents with “Special Needs” pets. They work as a team so you have two trainers for the price of one!

If you want to learn more about them, visit them online to learn more:

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