How to Clean Your Pets Toys and Keep Them Looking New Header

How to Clean Your Pets Toys and Keep Them Looking New

How to Clean Your Pets Toys and Keep Them Looking New Header

How to Clean Your Pets Toys and Keep Them Looking New

Learning how to clean your pets toys is an essential skill every pet parent should have. Keeping your pets toys clean helps prevent illness in not only your pet but you as well. Who knows where that ball has been! It also can be a great way to get your pets excited about a toy again and helps to reduce wear and tear on toys.

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But how do you clean your pets toys?

Use a natural sanitizing solution

The first thing you might reach for is dish detergent but wait! These types of products can leave residues that can be harmful if ingested. Using a solution of vinegar and water might not taste the best when your pet puts it in their mouth but it will be a solution that will not be harmful if any residue is ingested.

Machine-wash or hand-wash soft toys

Soft toys can become damaged if washed too roughly or even shrink if dried improperly! If your pet has a very dear soft toy this toy should be hand-washed to ensure it doesn’t shrink, seams don’t break, and stuffing doesn’t come out. Toys that your pet cares less about that are soft may be safe to machine-wash in a dedicates bag.

If you’re unsure it’s best to hand-wash. I’ve never had trouble with any of my pets larger soft toys. Smaller ones I usually hand wash as I don’t want them to end up in the “sock dimension”.

Spend more time cleaning those outdoor toys

Toys that have been outdoors have the potential to be covered in more germs that come from more sources. If your pet leaves their toys scattered in the yard, you don’t know who or what has potentially played with them overnight.

Rotate toys

Rotating toys is a great way to help keep your pets toys in better condition since they aren’t being played with every day. Rotating is also a great way to act as if the toy is new – especially toys that usually sit in the bottom of the bin.

Be excited when returning the toy

Treating an old toy like it’s a new one is a great way to encourage pets to play with their older toys. Just like with kids, they usually are much more interested in the newest toy they have been given and can use some encouragement to play with their older toys.

and finally…

Clean the toy bin

When was the last time you cleaned your pets toy bin? Not just the toys?


How to Clean Your Pets Toys and Keep Them Looking New Infographic

Do you have any tips we missed for cleaning your pets toys? Let us know in the comments or @WetNosesPetSitting.

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