5 Reasons to Adopt a Greyhound


April is Adopt a Greyhound Month, so we thought it was fitting to let you know a little bit about these wonderful hounds. Known mostly for their speed, many greyhound come off the track and into retirement daily. Though they are fast, greyhounds make wonderful pets. Here are a five reasons why we think you should adopt a Greyhound:

1.  Greyhounds can reach 45 mph in 3 steps, but in a home, most of their time is spent lounging in comfy beds or on your couches if you let them. Since they love lounging so much, they make great apartment dogs! In order to stay healthy, they only need two or three 20 minute walks per day.

2.  Greyhounds are gentle and quiet. They are sweet, loving dogs that love to make you happy. The muzzles that they wear during their races are only to protect the greyhounds from injury and to determine the winners of close races. Greyhounds love to be with other dogs, especially other greyhounds, and many can live with cats or other small animals safely.

3.  Greyhounds are healthy. They do not have breed related illnesses and genetic problems that other breeds have. Plus, they have a longer life expectancy than other large breeds – 12 years or more.

4.  Greyhounds have soft, short hair that sheds less than other breeds. This makes grooming a breeze!

5.  Greyhounds are fun! They attract a lot of attention and love to spend time with their owners. They want to do whatever you want to do, including walking, jogging, hiking, and more. Adopting a greyhound is like joining a club. There are always activities to do with greyhound adoption groups and meeting other greyhound owners is inevitable.

We hope this gives you some insight into a breed you may not have considered before. Please contact your local greyhound adoption group or us at Wet Noses Pet Sitting for more information about adopting a retired racing greyhound!