Interactive Puzzle Games For Cats and Dogs

Interactive Puzzle Games For Cats and Dogs

You may have heard of interactive puzzle games for cats and dogs before. Puzzle games are a great way to mentally stimulate your pets. They also can help slow down fast eaters to prevent scarf and barf. Here are a few puzzle toys for pets that are sure to keep your pet entertained!

A few things to note when picking out a toy:

  • Make sure the toy is the appropriate size: A Great Dane might not be able to figure out the puzzle, but they surely can pick it up and drop it. Effectively rendering the puzzle toy concept useless.
  • Start at a lower difficulty: If your pet has done puzzle toys in the past it’s okay to start with a higher difficulty toy. If your pet is new to puzzle toys, start off with an easier toy.
  • Experiment with what is in the toy: Some pets go nuts for puzzle toys when a specific treat is inside. Others may only use it if dry food is inside. Try different rewards and see which ones your pet likes the most.
  • Supervise when giving a new toy: It’s important to see how your pet interacts with a toy. Supervise them to make sure they are using the toy properly and to give them a helping paw if they seem to be getting frustrated.
  • Show them how to do it: Putting a puzzle toy in front of a pet may work but often times with more complicated toys, you may have to show your pet how they work.

1. Outward Hound

Outward Hound makes quality dog and cat puzzle games. Developed by Nina Ottosson these toys are designed to stimulate your pet mentally and give you a well deserved break. Outward Hound interactive puzzle games come in four different difficulties. Perfect for beginners!

Dog Tornado

Outward Hound Dog Tornado @ $24.99

2. Catit

Catit makes fun interactive puzzle games and feeders for cats. I have a few of these and have found varying success. The Senses 2.0 Digger is my cats least favorite while the Senses 2.0 Food Tree is their favorite.


Catit Play Treat Puzzle @ $21.99

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You’ve heard of this one! KONG toys are a simple puzzle game and a classic option for any dogs toy box. Did you know they also make KONGs for cats? KONG usually goes on sale during Black Friday. If you’re looking to pick up a bunch of these for a great deal keep an eye out.

KONG Classic on Amazon, Starting @ $7.49

4. LickiMat

While not as interactive as some of the other games, LickiMats provide stimulation for your pet and help them slow down when eating. Great for pets that do a lot of canned food since not all puzzle toys are designed for wet food.

LickiMat Slomo on Amazon @ $13.95

You can see more LickiMat’s here.

5. Snuffle Mats

What is a snuffle mat? A snuffle mat is designed to help mimic your dogs natural instinct to put their nose to the ground, sniff out food, and to dig. There’s loads of snuffle mats on the market so experiment with different ones.

I don’t recommend snuffle mats for larger dogs. They often can pick the mat up by an edge and shake out the kibble. While this still gets them working for the food (running around a room), it’s messy and defeats the purpose of the snuffle mat.

PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mat on Amazon @ $39.50


What’s your dogs favorite puzzle toy? Let us know in the comments or @WetNosesPetSitting.

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