4 Reasons We DON’T Go to The Dog Park


Can you take my dog to the park?

This is a question we get all the time. We are happy to walk your dog through any park near your home, on leash. We will not take your dog to the neighborhood park and let him off leash, or to the fenced dog park.

First off, we are not dog park haters. At Wet Noses Pet Sitting we believe the dog park is a great place in the right situation, for the right dog. Most of our sitters take our their dogs to dog parks and off-leash areas, but those are their own dogs. This is not the same as taking your dog to the park.

In order to make sure our clients are receiving the best and safest care, it is our policy to not to let your dog off leash at a park or go to the dog park.

1. We will never let dogs off leash in a regular, unfenced park, ever.

No matter how great your dog is about not running away from you, we are not you! We form great bonds with the dogs we watch and love them as much as our own pets but that does not make us have the same weight of importance with your dog when they see a cat run across the street. Besides, how often do you see a dog owner calling and chasing their dog, saying they never run off like that. We don’t want that to be us, and neither do you.

2. Dogs (and owners) are unpredictable.

So you live right next to the fenced dog park? Still no way. I cannot count the number of times I have collected my dog and left the dog park because another dog showed up that made me uncomfortable. We cannot predict how your pup is going to react in a variety of situations, nor can we predict how the other dogs are going to respond to your dog. We prefer not to take the risk.



3. Dog parks can be a vector for diseases.


Yeah, so why do you take your dog to dog parks? I make an educated risk based on the conditions of the park before I take my dog. I do not allow my dog to go swimming in the park because Giardia is highly transmittable via water. Same with any park that has large puddles that are frequented by dogs. If we take your dog to the park and he gets sick, even if we went at your request, we are still liable and we have a sick dog on our hands!

4. There are lower risk ways to exercise your dog.

At Wet Noses Pet Sitting we chose to take the lower risk path and during the time your dog is in our care we play it safe. We go on lots of walks, play in the yard, play inside, make up fun games and more! We know we are providing the safest way for your dog to have fun.

What do you think about dog parks? Let us know your feelings and experiences in the comments below!