How Do I Make My Cat Comfortable with Guests Over for Thanksgiving?


Every cat has a different purr-sonality. Some cats love new people, others take a bit longer to warm up to new people. Thanksgiving dinner can be a stressful time for both kinds of cats. Most cats do not like crowds of people or the loud noises associated with Thanksgiving. So how can you make your cat comfortable over Thanksgiving?

1. Provide a safe space

Almost all cats will choose flight over fight, especially when confronted with new people. Do not try and force your cat to hang out in the living room. Open all the doors to your cat’s favorite hiding spots and provide your cat with many different options for hiding areas, such as under beds, in closets, or in a cat tree. Make sure to keep your cat’s space quiet and off-limits to guests. This will help keep your cat happy and prevent any conflict between your cat and your guests. Make sure to move your cat’s food, water, and litter box into a safe space so that your cat does not need to leave the room if he or she does not want to.

2. Give your cat look-out zones

Create a “stairway” up to a high shelf or provide a cat tree. This allows your cat to survey the room without being in the middle of it. Your cat will be able to evaluate the situation and decide if he or she feels comfortable. This will let him or her choose when to join the party. Try placing a towel on a shelf or in a cat tree so your kitty has somewhere comfortable to lay.

3. Tell your guests how to interact with your cat

Not everyone knows how to interact with cats. As your guests enter the house, tell them that your cat may be a little shy. Recommend that they do not approach your cat, or try to pet him or her. Cornering a scared kitty can result in your guests getting scratched. Always have your guests wait for the cat to approach them, then they can pet your kitty. Try having guests give your kitty a favorite treat when he or she comes to say hi. Keep a special eye on kids, as they may not know how to pet cats.

4. Provide calming scents 

Catnip can be very effective at calming cats. Catnip mimics the smell of the pheromone cats have in their face and paws. This scent can help make your cat feel more comfortable during Thanksgiving dinner. There are many sprays and diffusers on the market that have cat calming scents. Try spraying these on your cat’s bed and around the house to help calm him or her down.


The key to having a happy cat this Thanksgiving is by allowing your cat to choose where he or she wants to be. Never force your cat to interact with a guest or hang out in high traffic areas. Giving your cat lots of areas to hang out in can help reduce the stress of Thanksgiving dinner. Want to really have a happy cat? Check out our last blog post on Thanksgiving treats for your cat.

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