DIY Easy and Cheap Dog Toys


It can be hard when you’re stuck inside during a string of snowy days.  And the last thing you want to do is go out to the pet store and grab you dog a new toy to keep them occupied.  That’s when these easy and cheap dog toys that you can make at home come in real handy.  Almost all of these DIY cheap dog toys are made with items you can easily find around your house.  

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Denim Knot – This one is almost as easy as they come.  Take an old pair of jeans, cut them into 1” strips and tie them together in a knot and well, that’s it!  Now they have a cute little knoted fray toy to throw and catch.

Tennis Ball Foxtail – Also another super easy trick you can do to make a cheap dog toy is get an old sock (needs to be a long one) and a tennis ball.  Put the tennis ball in the sock, tie a knot around the bottom to secure the ball. You can then cut either side of the sock to make two “tails” or just keep it whole.

Water Bottle Toss-able – Just like the foxtail this one is ridiculously easy.  Take an empty water bottle and wrap it in an old t-shirt.  Tie the sides and cut to fray it up to make it a little more fun looking. Your dog will love the crinkle sound it makes and the shirt keeps the plastic safe, so basically it’s the perfect cheap dog toy!

Braided Pull Toy – This one take a little more time, but the end result is awesome.  You take an old shirt, towel, or cloth and cut it into various strips about 1” wide. You can decided how long or think you want to make it.  Next, you tie a knot at the top (leaving little fray at top) then you divide them into three sections and braid them all together to make a giant braid and knot the bottom. If you want to give it a little extra something, take a tennis ball and slit it through the middle and string the toy through it before you knot it.  This one can actually come out looking so good no one will ever know you made it!

Cereal Box Treat Find – Intended to be a one time toy, the cereal box treat idea is pretty fun for your dog.  You tape up treats in a box and let them shred it to pieces as they try and find the snacks.  Just make sure you have a broom handy and watch them as they play so they don’t ingest the cardboard box.

DIY Treat Puzzle –  I love this idea, it’s super simple and tons of fun.  Take an old tupperware or butter container and cut various sized holes around the edges and top.  You want them to big enough that the treats fall out somewhat easily so your dog doesn’t get discouraged.  If you think the edges are a little rough, use sandpaper to smooth it out.  Insert treats, tape it shut, and enjoy watching your pet paw it around with excitement as treats fall out. Just like the cereal box, you’ll want to make sure your dog is supervised while playing with this one; which should be too hard since they’ll look so cute as they play!

Don’t forget to comment which ones you like best and share pics of your pup playing with these amazing easy and cheap dog toys!  

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