Valentine’s Day Gifts For Cats


Is your kitty your Valentine this year? What do you get him or her? Cats generally don’t like chocolate or roses, but these gifts are sure to win your cat’s heart over. Here are some great Valentine’s Day gifts for cats.


Most kitties love catnip! Catnip can be a great Valentine’s Day gift for cats. For a gift sure to please buy or make your kitty a catnip toy. Making a catnip toy at home is easy.

Catnip sock toy:

  1. Start with a children’s or small sock, catnip and a needle and thread
  2. Fill the sock with catnip
  3. Sew the top of the sock closed with the needle and thread
  4. Give the sock to your kitty

Another great catnip gift is fresh catnip. You can find fresh catnip at pet stores or grow it from seeds.


Treats are awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for cats. A cool new treat is flaked tuna. These are thin flakes of freeze dried tuna that can be fed as treats or as a topping for food. For some homemade treat ideas, check out our previous blog posts on Valentine’s Day treats for cats.


A new collar is a fun Valentine’s Day gift for cats. Many cats will love a collar with hearts on it (and maybe a bell). Be sure to fit the collar correctly to keep your cat safe.


A cat tree is a sure win for Valentine’s Day gifts for cats. For a new cat tree check out your local petstore. For a smaller gift try a new cat bed or scratching post. Want to make a homemade cat bed? Take a small box and decorate it, with lots of hearts using construction paper and child-safe markers. Place a pillow in the box and you have a wonderful DIY cat bed.

Valentine’s Day can be a great holiday to share with your cat. These Valentine’s Day gifts for cats are sure to make your cat’s day.

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