5 DIY Cat Toys You Can Make at Home


There’s nothing worse than picking out a new cat toy at the store only to bring it home to find your cat hopelessly disinterested in their new play thing. That is one of the tricky things about cats, you never know exactly what toy will catch their attention. At our house we have a huge cat bag full of discarded toys and the one toy they love the most is an old Jack in the Box antenna ball, go figure?!  That’s why I stopped buying toys for them and started making these awesome DIY cat toys that they seems to love. 

  1. No sew knock-around knot

This simple idea is the perfect way to up-cycle an old shirt.  All you need to do is cut up the shirt into 5 or 6 one inch thick strips. Then take one of the lengths and tie around the others in the center,  The tie them all again into a knot in the middle and you’ve got yourself a perfect cat toy. Just make sure the knot is extra tight so that it stays intact while they knock it around.

  1.  DIY Cardboard Scratching Pad

Cats love scratching pads, they not only save your furniture and carpets but they help keep your cat’s claws healthy.  This easy tutorial shows you how to make your own round scratch pad for you cat by reusing old cardboard boxes.  Sprinkle some catnip on it and your cat won’t be able to resist! 

  1. DIY Cat Treat Puzzle

I can’t wait to do this one for my cats. They get a little stir crazy in the winter and this is a perfect way to beat the boredom when they are stuck inside.  By cutting a few holes in an old tupperware and putting a some old small toys and a hand full of treats, you make an awesome little game that your cat will love playing all afternoon.

  1. Pom Pom Fishing Pole

One of the best toys for your cat is the classic “fishing pole” game.  This tutorial will show you how to easily (all you need is a fork and some yarn) make little poms poms that you can attach to a stick or pole.  Your cat will love playing to their instincts with this catching-the-prey game.  

  1. Frayed Toilet Paper Roll

This has got to be the easiest toy you can make for your cat.  Take an old toilet paper roll and cut the ends a few centimeters, then bend them out to look like a wheel.  This helps it bounce around at different angles which will keep your cat batting away at it.


With these great ideas for DIY cat toys, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on cat toys.  Your house is full of things you can easily make to keep them entertained.  Don’t forget to let us know what homemade toys your cat loves in the comments!