Doggy Daycare VS Dog Walker – What’s the Best for Your Pet?


We know that it is hard to be away from your pet all day. Whether it’s weekdays at work or day trips, leaving them behind can leave you worried. And there are a lot of different options for pet care during the day, it can be hard to know which is best. Two of the most popular options are dog daycare and dog walking. Here are the differences that you need to know before you chose what’s best for your pet.


Dog Daycare

This is a short term kennel for your dog. Doggy daycare is not much different than children’s day care. Owner’s drop off their pets on their way to work or out for the day. Then, you pick your dog back up at the end of the day on the way home.

Best for dogs who:

  • Love to socialize
  • Need a lot of stimulation during the day
  • Are healthy and have all of their shots

If it’s a convenient location for you to drop off and pick up, then this could be a good option. Especially, if you have a large dog that wants to play and socialize all day long. Since your dog will be interacting with other canines, it’s important that they have all of their shots. But for puppies, anxious or sickly dogs, it may not be the best choice.

Dog Walking

Dog walkers are great because they come straight to your home. No need to wrangle your pet in the car or pack a bag of treats and toys for them. Basically a pet sitter can come once or twice (AM and PM) during the day while you are gone. They will play with your dog, take them for a walk to check the “P-Mail,” plus feed them and give them a little cuddle time.

Best for dogs who:

  • Have anxiety
  • Gets car sick
  • Are sick or injured

While dog walking can be best for the dogs listed above, it is actually is a great option for all pets. Your pet gets the comfort of their home and neighborhood.

If you’re looking to find out more about dog walking and pet sitting or schedule services, make sure to give us a call!



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