How to Choose A Dog Food


Choosing a brand and type of dog food can be really overwhelming. There are hundreds of types on the market, all with various claims.

First, think about what you need. 

-Does your dog need grain free, or specific allergy food?

-What type of lifestyle does your dog have? Is he very active or does he loaf around all day? Ask your vet about this.

-Does your dog need a certain life-stage food?Is your dog a puppy,or an older adult dog? Puppies need higher calorie diets while they grow. An adult on puppy food will gain a lot of weight.

Some things to look for when looking at dog foods:

Single ingredient:This means that the food contains 95% or more of that ingredient.Anything else means that the food only needs to contain 25% of the advertised meat.

Ingredients list:Dog food ingredients are listed by weight.So if the first ingredient is chicken, then there is more chicken(by weight) than any other ingredient.Keep in mind some of the things you want more of may be farther down the list.Foods are weighed after the water is removed.

Grain Free: While some dogs have grain/gluten allergies, most can metabolize them. Grain free foods are often higher in protein, so this may be a better option for dogs who need a high protein diet.

Price point:Depending of what type and how many dogs you have, you could be buying 2 or more bags of food a month.Do not choose a food that you cannot afford to feed your dog long term. There are many high quality foods on the market that will not break the bank.

While choosing a dog food can be very confusing, doing your research and considering what your dog needs will make it much easier.Always consult your vet on diet changes, and transition foods slowly.

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