How to Safely Take Your Dog to Work


Did you know that June 26th is Pet Sitters International’s 17th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day? It’s a special day of the year where businesses around the world will let you bring your dog to work. You get to bring your special furry friend to work to celebrate the wonderful relationship humans have with dogs and to promote pet adoption.

After all, dogs do make some of the best companions and bringing them with you on a regular day on the job is tons of fun. However, there are a few things to check on to make sure the day is still productive, as well as peaceful.

Go over this checklist before packing up your dog for a day at the office.

1. Check with your office:  Some offices don’t allow dogs no matter what the day is, so check with your boss beforehand.

2. Make sure your dog is fit for socializing: Make sure your dog’s shots are current and that they are feeling well. Even friendly dog’s can be aggressive if they’re sick.

3. Puppy-proof your work area: Remove poisonous plants, toxic chemical and hide electrical cords. Also, put away any office items that could get chewed up or swallowed.

4. Plan breaks and lunch according to your work schedule: Make sure to plan potty break and feeding in between any pressing matters such as phone conferences or meetings.

5. Pack them a lunch and goodie bag: Don’t forget to bring a doggie bag for Fido! Pack up food, treats, bowls, toys, leash and clean up items.

6. Don’t force interactions: Even if your dog is extremely friendly, don’t force him to interact with co-worker’s. Some people aren’t dog people (strange, but true!) and also the office can be an intimidating space for your dog.

7. Have a backup plan: Hope for the best and plan for the worst. Make sure you’d be able to leave to take them home if they start to get overly active or upset.


Take Your Dog to Work Day is a fun time to let your dog in on what goes on when you leave for the day. Instead of being like Max on Secret Life of Pets, waiting and wondering all day while his owner is gone, they’ll know where you go!


If you prefer to listen, we also recorded a Podcast on the subject!