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5 Tips To Keep On Top Of Pet Hair In Your Home

5 Tips To Keep On Top Of Pet Hair In Your Home_Header

5 Tips To Keep On Top Of Pet Hair In Your Home

Keeping on top of pet hair in your home is one thing pet owners are always struggling with. Every time I vacuum the canister is full of pet hair! But, I just swept yesterday how is that possible? Excess pet hair in your home can lead to poor air quality, odor, and just a mess. Here are 5 tips to keep on top of pet hair in your home that you can implement today.

Buy an air filter.

Air filters are great to help filter out and catch the smaller hairs our pets leave behind. Make sure to do regular maintenance on any air filter you buy. This includes changing out the filters, cleaning off the vents, and replacing any other filters/components that need changing out over time. Your air filter doesn’t need to be top of the line or expensive. It just needs to have a filter that you can change out.

Vacuum regularly.

Vacuuming up those tumbleweeds will help reduce how much pet hair is around your house. Cleaning up that pet hair will additionally reduce dust and dandruff floating around in your air. If you don’t have a pet specific vacuum that’s alright! Any vacuum will do, you might have to clean out the bristles more on a non-pet specific one.

Alternatively, lint rollers are a great way to quickly clean off pet hair from chairs, rugs, and more. This won’t replace regular vacuuming but in a pinch a lint roller can capture loose hair and keep it from going elsewhere. They also are good to have on hand to clean off your clothes. This is especially true when wearing black when you have a white-haired pet or visversa.

Clean pets bedding on a frequent basis.

Your pets bedding is just like yours. It traps sweat, dead skin, and hair. Each time your pet gets out of their bed a bit of that hair comes with them. By keeping their bedding clean you can reduce the hair build-up in their bed and thus reduce how much comes with them each time. This is also true for cat trees and any place your pet lays regularly that you might not consider washing.

Add a fish oil supplement to your pets diet.

What better way to keep on top of pet hair in your home than to slow it at the source? Adding fish oil to your pets diet will help them have a healthier skin and coat which means, less shedding.

There’s many different fish oil supplements on the market. Here are a few I’ve tried:

If you or your pet are allergic to fish or don’t like the taste of it, Wholistic Pet Organics makes a flaxseed oil alternative.

Brush your pet regularly and have regular grooming appointments.

Brushing your dog outside can be a fun activity for both of you! As an added bonus, your dogs fur helps our birds making nests as it provides a wonderful nesting material. Hair is also bio-degradable so you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment. Getting all of the excess hair out from your dogs top and undercoat goes a long way when helping to control pet hair. During peak shedding season, consider taking your dog to a professional groomer. Your groomer will be able to get even more hair out and can use products that will help improve your pets skin and coat health.

And a bonus…

Get a hairless pet.

If you don’t have a pet already but are concerned about the amount of pet hair – consider getting a hairless pet. Hairless pets require just as much, if not more, maintenance as pets with hair. Many hairless pets require daily lotion applied to keep their skin from becoming dry or sunburnt.

Sphynx cat sniffing a plant

Maybe the Sphynx breed of cat is perfect for you! Or perhaps a Chinese Crested or Mexican hairless. There are a large variety of hairless pets out there to choose from. If a hairless pet isn’t your thing but you’re still concerned about hair a short hair pet may be right for you. Short haired pets tend to not shed as much as long haired pets but your mileage may vary.

Do you have any tips on keeping on top of pet hair in your home? Leave us a comment or @WetNosesPetSitting

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