Why You Should Adopt 2 Kittens



It seems like taking on one new kitten will be a big enough task, but now I am telling you to adopt two?!!! I must be crazy! But the truth is, there are a lot of advantages to adopting multiple kittens at the same time. I list the reasons here, but to watch the kittens play and get some more explanation, you really should just watch the video.

1. They are adorable! And they entertain each other.

Playing with a single kitten is a lot of fun, but watching two kittens play might be the closest thing to heaven you will experience in this world. Kittens need a ton of playtime, cuddles, and entertainment. That is wonderful when you are home from work in the evenings or weekends, but what about when you are gone all day? Or if you come home and are exhausted? A pair of kittens together can entertain each other and do not need quite as much time from you. And when they get tired they still all want to come and curl up on your lap. Awwww!

2. Kittens need to meet other animals when they are young.

Unless you arrange kitten play-dates, having multiple kittens may be your kitten’s only chance to play with other cats at a young age. Even if you ave an older cat, there is no guarantee she will want to play with this new upstart invading her space. Having multiple kittens lets them learn how to play with another cat in an appropriate way.

3. It increases the chances of a lifetime feline friend.

While there is no guarantee, adopting multiple kittens together increases the chances that they will be friends for life. Naturally, cats are territorial and really like their own space. It is easier for cats to be friends when they have been raised together in the same home.


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