Why Should I Hire a Dog Sitter?


When you leave town, deciding what to do with your dog can be a challenge. Should you hire a dog sitter? Should you board your dog? Or should you find a kind friend to step in?

Hiring a dog sitter has a variety of benefits:

  • Dogs appreciate routine and their own space. A dog sitter allows your pup to stay home where she is comfortable and familiar with her surroundings and routine.
  • Dog sitters can spend one-on-one time with your dog, often as much time as you normally would.
  • Your dog is not exposed to other dogs or diseases that can frequent boarding kennels.
  • Sitters will notice any changes in behavior quickly and can pick up on any health concerns.


If you are considering hiring a dog sitter, no matter what sitter you use, we have a list of ideas for schedules. The schedule for your dog depends on your dog’s personality and finding the right one is important to keep her happy and healthy.


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