5 Holi Safety Tips for Pets

5 Holi Safety Tips for Pets

Holi is a Hindu festival that is also known as the Festival of Color. One of the traditional activities of Holi is throwing colored powder. Unfortunately, not all of this powder is pet safe. While it is best to leave your pet at home if you plan on going out to celebrate Holi sometimes the festivities come to us. Here are a 5 Holi safety tips for pets from the pet experts at Wet Noses Pet Sitting.

Loud noises can be overwhelming.

Loud noises and so many people outside can get very overwhelming for pets. Pets should have at least one person they are familiar with keep them company.




Keep pets away from color .

Keep your pet away from the colors and chemicals used in coloring products. If you want your pet to be colorful for Holi, use pet safe dyes. If you want to take them for a walk during this festival then do it early in the morning before many people are out celebrating.





Skincare for pets .

If your pet does get non-pet safe color on them, make sure to wash it off immediately using a pet safe shampoo. If your pet gets any in their eyes, use water to wash their eyes out.





Do not feed pets sweet or fried treats .

Sugar, spices, oils, and other ingredients are not safe for pets to consume. If you want your pet to participate in the celebrations, make or buy Holi treats that are safe for pets.





Watch your pets .

Keep an eye on your pet for any unusual behaviors that could be an indication of anxiety. Have a safe space for your pets to retreat to with company over and from all of the commotion outside.





We hope you and your pets have fun celebrating Holi!