Why is it Important For My Pet Sitter to be an Employee?


As a professional pet sitter it is important for us to understand the legal risks for both ourselves, our employees and our clients.  Especially since animals are unpredictable, we want to make sure everyone is protected in the case of an unfortunate accident.

We avoid problems whenever possible but after doing our research it was decided that having employees is the only responsible way for Wet Noses Pet Sitting to run as a business and here is why:

  1.  Employees are covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance
    This insurance protects you, the client, in the case of the sitter being injured.  If a sitter were to slip on ice in your front yard you could be sued for medical costs if the sitter is not covered by workman’s comp insurance.  Pet sitter insurance only covers damage to your home and animals in the case of an accident.
  2. Employees can undergo training
    One of the qualities we are most proud of here at Wet Noses Pet Sitting is the training your sitter undergoes, both when they join the team and continuing education.  Our sitters not only learn CPR and first aid but also learn about proper animal handling techniques, what constitutes a pet emergency, positive reinforcement training techniques and more!  We offer continuing training for unique situations and ongoing tips and tricks for being an awesome pet sitter.  When companies hire independent contractors they are not able to train them so they only have the knowledge they come with when hired.
  3. Employees are consistent
    Since contractors cannot be trained that also means that they are pretty much on their own when they go to do a job.  Think of a person that does tile work.  One might be wonderful and another terrible, because they are not trained to provide consistent quality of service based on the expectations of a company.  Pet sitters that are contractors legally can only be hired for a job and it is up to them how the job gets done.

For these reasons we at Wet Noses Pet Sitting are very excited to work with our amazing employees to make sure we provide the best pet sitting and dog walking service possible!