Are You Bonded and Insured?



YES! We are bonded and insured!

Wet Noses Pet Sitting and all of our employees are covered by Business Insurers of the Carolinas. They have great policies that are tailored just for pet sitting and dog walking businesses.


  • Bonding Policy: This policy is basically for theft. If your pet sitter is convicted of theft in your home, you will be covered. We also have the maximum level of the policy to make sure you have the best protection from theft.


  • Custom Pet Sitter Policy: This is the most important insurance policy for our clients. It covers your home and/or pets in cases of damage or injury.  That means it can cover health care costs for injuries caused by your dog or that your dog incurs during a visit.  This policy will also cover any damages in the home due to something the pet sitter does. For example, we once had a sitter use the wrong type of cleaner on a rug. Unfortunately, the rug was stained and ruined. However,  we were able to use this insurance to pay for replacement rugged.


  • Rider Insurance:  An insurance policy that is rarely considered, but very important. It covers sitters while they driving in between homes as well. A little extra coverage for our sitters and peace of mind that they will be taken care of even on the road.


  • Workman’s Comp: This is also an extremely important policy to have for everyone. The company, our sitters & walkers, plus our clients all benefit from this policy. Basically, if the pet sitter happens to get injured while at your house, this insurance will cover their medical costs. And it does happen. We had a sitter once trip and fall during a visit and broke her wrist. Thankfully, all her medical costs were covered by Workman’s Comp insurance.


Why is being bonded and insured so important?

If your pet sitter or dog walker isn’t insured then your home owner policy may come under fire. Personal insurance may not cover the damages or injuries. And that means sometimes either the sitter or their insurance will come after home owner’s policy to pay for costs.

That’s why at Wet Noses Pet Sitting, we take our insurance very seriously. We want to make sure that we are covered in every possible way for the protection of our sitters and our clients.