6 St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips for Pets

6 St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips for Pets

St. Patrick’s Day is a day filled with celebrating, alcohol, and delicious treats for humans. But as with all holidays, there are things to keep in mind to keep your pets safe during the festivities. If you’re looking for safe ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Keep your pet safe by following our tips!

Keep shamrock plants away from pets.

Shamrocks can cause stomach upset, drooling, and head shaking if small amounts of ingested. Large amounts can cause kidney damage and a decrease in the blood calcium level.




No alcoholic beverages for pets.

Alcohol can cause difficulty walking and upset stomach. Keep alcoholic drinks out of reach and if any spills clean it up right away.





Remove the raisins in Irish soda bread.

Irish soda bread is a popular St. Patrick’s Day treat but it contains raisins. Raisins are known to cause kidney failure. If you really want to serve Irish soda bread, make it yourself without the raisins.





Keep trash cans secure.

Pets can be mischievous. Make sure your trash cans are secure so they don’t get into something they shouldn’t. Glass bottles and sharp bottle caps in the trash can cause cuts.





Keep pets in a separate room.

Sometimes the best thing to do is keep your pets locked in their own room, away from the noise and tempting treats. Cats especially may prefer a quiet space to hide.





Dressing up your pets? Read their body language.

Some pets like being dressed up while others don’t. Watch your pets body language when attempting to put a festive costume on them. If you are dying your pets fur make sure to use a pet safe dye. Contact your local groomer for recommendations.

We hope you and your pets have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day!