How Does My Pet Sitter Keep My Keys Safe?


Different options for different companies

When working with a pet sitter, you want to be sure they are keeping your keys safe. Every company handles keys differently. Some of the options we have seen when talking to other companies:

  • One key when working with a single sitter
  • Garage codes instead of keys
  • Get returned after visits
  • Are left hidden after visits  (under mat, rock, etc)
  • Locked inside the house
  • Lock boxes, like realtors use
  • Kept by the company in a safe location between trips

Safety versus convenience

Everyone wants to use the option that is the most convenient, without sacrificing security. However, some companies only have a single sitter. And other companies are in regions where lock boxes are easily used. Each company has to work out a situation for key security that works well for them, as well as their customers. So, when choosing a pet sitting company, make sure they have a safe set up for their keys whether or not they keep them in between visits.

Our set up

Key requirements:

  • We require two copies of keys before starting your visits. If you are not able to provide two, we can get a copy made for you for a fee.
  • For new clients, your keys will be collected at your meet and greet with your sitter.

Key storage:

  • One key stays with your regular sitter and one stays in our office, in the case of an emergency. If you only have occasional visits, your key will be returned to the office by your sitter in between trips. If you are a dog walking client who has two regular sitters, they will each have a key.
  • They are tagged with a unique code and your pet’s names so they cannot be identified by anyone but your  pet sitter.

Key returns:

  • We prefer to keep keys whenever possible. This allows for us to easily provide pet sitting visits and help in the case of an emergency.
  • If you are using us for the the first time and want your keys returned, your sitter can return them. There is a charge for a sitter to
  • For future visits, your sitter can stop by your home for a fee or you can hide your keys for your sitter or use a lockbox.
  • Due to security concerns, we prefer not leave your keys hidden for you. We will lock them inside your home, with the understanding that should you be delayed, we will need to get a locksmith or an emergency contact to get into your home. You can also chose to use a lockbox where the sitter can leave your key for you.