How Does My Pet Sitter Keep My Keys Safe?


Different options for different companies

When working with a pet sitter, you want to be sure they are keeping your keys safe. Every company handles keys differently. Some of the options we have seen when talking to other companies:

  • One key when working with a single sitter
  • Garage codes instead of keys
  • Get returned after visits
  • Are left hidden after visits  (under mat, rock, etc)
  • Locked inside the house
  • Lock boxes, like realtors use
  • Kept by the company in a safe location between trips

Safety versus convenience

Everyone wants to use the option that is the most convenient, without sacrificing security. However, some companies only have a single sitter. And other companies are in regions where lock boxes are easily used. Each company has to work out a situation for key security that works well for them, as well as their customers. So, when choosing a pet sitting company, make sure they have a safe set up for their keys whether or not they keep them in between visits.

Our set up

Key requirements:

  • We require two copies of keys before starting your visits. If you are not able to provide two, we can get a copy made for you for a fee.
  • For new clients, your keys will be collected at your meet and greet with your sitter.

Key storage:

  • One key stays with your regular sitter and one stays in our office, in the case of an emergency. If you only have occasional visits, your key will be returned to the office by your sitter in between trips. If you are a dog walking client who has two regular sitters, they will each have a key.
  • They are tagged with a unique code and your pet’s names so they cannot be identified by anyone but your  pet sitter.

Key returns:

  • We prefer to keep keys whenever possible. This allows for us to easily provide pet sitting visits and help in the case of an emergency.
  • If you are using us for the the first time and want your keys returned, your sitter can return them. There is a charge for a sitter to
  • For future visits, your sitter can stop by your home for a fee or you can hide your keys for your sitter or use a lockbox.
  • Due to security concerns, we prefer not leave your keys hidden for you. We will lock them inside your home, with the understanding that should you be delayed, we will need to get a locksmith or an emergency contact to get into your home. You can also chose to use a lockbox where the sitter can leave your key for you.

How Do I Choose the Right Pet Sitting Service?

At Wet Noses Pet Sitting we tailor your appointment to the needs of your household.  This is great for your pets but can sometimes be confusing when trying to decide what type of appointment to schedule.  Here are some tips we use to match you with the best schedule for your needs and make sure you have the right pet sitting service:


What is your regular schedule with your pets?

When you are gone we prefer to keep your pet’s schedule as similar to your regular schedule as possible.  Some of the aspects your should consider are: how many times your dogs go outside during the day and what times, how often your pets are fed, when medications are given and how much attention and exercise your pets require.

Another factor we ask you to think about is when during the day do you interact with your pets and what does this interaction look like?  If your dogs love to go for a long walk in the afternoon then maybe a longer mid-day visit would be a good idea.  If your cat loves her cuddle time in the evening then a dinner visit with extra time will be in order.

Do I need an overnight stay?

Some clients prefer an overnight stay for the security it provides your home but there are two factors we use to determine whether an overnight stay is necessary for your pets:

  1. Do your pet need attention (potty break, medication, etc) really late at night or early in the morning?  Our normal visits are 7:30am-9pm so anytime outside of these hours, an overnight is recommended.
  2. Do your pets sleep with you on the bed?  Not having a person there overnight can be a very upsetting change for some pets.


How many visit per day do I need?

After taking a look at your normal routine we like to set you up with as many visits as you need in order to keep your pets happy and healthy.  We recommend:

  • Dogs: 3-4 visits a day or 1-2 visits and an overnight stay
  • Cats: 1-2 visits per day or an overnight

We require at least two 30 minute visits per day for dogs and one visit per day for cats, but we find they are much happier with more frequent visits.


How long should my visits be?

Along with how many visits the next step is to decide how long your visits should be.  Our most common visits are 30 minutes long, but many people utilize our other visits as well.

  • 15 minute visits – Good for shy cats that do not need any attention or a quick potty break for a dog.  We often recommend these for late night dog visits.
  • 30 minute visits – A normal length visits.  This is enough time for feeding, dog walks and some good attention.
  • 45 minute and 1 hour visits – Longer visits are great for pets that need extra attention or dogs that need longer walks.

It often helps to mix and match visits, such as a 30 minute breakfast and dinner visit and a 15 minute late night visit.


We have sample schedules based on your fur kids!

We know it can be hard to figure out a schedule the first time and to envision how your trip will go.  We set up a list of sample schedules, so find your most high need pet and look at our suggestions:

So what now?

If you still have questions or want to talk through the possible schedule with us, give us a call!  We are happy to discuss our services with you and make sure we match you with the best option for you and your fur kids.  If you know what you want to schedule then hop on our online system and set up your appointment today!


What Happens During a Pet Sitting Visit?


Are you wondering what happens during a pet sitting visit? Many people who contact us have never used a pet sitter before and they are not sure what to expect. We understand that! It can be nerve wracking using a new service where a new person will be coming into your home for the first time to care for your most valued possession: your pets!

How Does the Visit Start?

Each pet sitting visit is tailored to the needs of your pets so each visit is going to look a bit different, but we do have some basics that we cover no matter what. When your sitter arrives at your home she will check in to the visit with our software. This tags the sitter via GPS, so we know they have arrived on time. When the sitter leaves she will check out so we know the visit is complete.

The beginning of the visit will depend on the pets. Some dogs are excited to go out for a potty break right away so we get them out first thing.  Some more shy pets, especially cats, need a quiet moment after we arrive to adjust to our presence.  It is not uncommon for a sitter to sit on the floor for the first 5-10 minutes of a visit to allow the pets to come greet them on their own terms.

Pet Sitting Visit

What Happens Next?

At each visit we do a check on all of the pets and the house. Unless otherwise requested, we get a visual on every animal, including the shy kitties, to make sure they are all happy and healthy.

Once we know everyone is doing well we set about with the basics of a visit.  For most houses we feed the pets, provide water, medications, dog walks, litter box scooping, etc. Some dogs benefit from a longer walk or a session of fetch in the yard. If possible, we love to play with the cats and get all of the animals as much exercise as possible. We are firm believers that a tired pet is a happy pet, especially when talking about young dogs!

When all of our tasks are done and everyone is settled, we send you an update via email or text and leave a note with details of the visit. This way you can relax knowing your fur kids are cared for. We will also reach out during the visit if we have any questions or concerns, so we have plenty of time to chat with you.

What About Shy or Quiet Pets?

Some animals do not enjoy as much interaction as others.  Smaller or older dogs can appreciate cuddle time on the couch more than a walk.  Cats can benefit from just having company in the same room. We have recommended schedules for different types of pets based on their personalities. When we are picking a sitter for you we make sure the sitter’s personality is a good match for your household, so it important that we learn as much about your pets as we can during set up.

Do You Take Care of the House?

In additional to taking care of your fur kids, we also take care of the normal activities around the house. This includes alternating lights, opening/closing blinds, bringing in the mail and packages, bringing in the newspaper, watering a handful of indoor plants and taking out the trash.  These efforts all help keep up the normal appearance of your home to make it seem lived in, as well as make your adjustment when you come home a little easier. We try to estimate how much time this will take and account for it when we schedule your visits.


Your sitter is there to provide thorough and loving care to your pets and home while you are gone. We work to match your normal routine to the schedule of your sitter, so your pets can be happy and relaxed while you are gone. If we find a schedule is not working out well for your pets then we are happy to change it and make suggestions on what might be a better fit. The care and comfort of your pets is our primary concern and we want to work with you to make your time away as happy for everyone as it can be! It is not unusual for human clients to tell us that their pets get more individualized attention when we are watching them than they normally do. That is our one and only job!


Do you have any questions about how we will care for your pets?  Contact us today!