What Pet Sitting Visits Do I Need For My Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons are not your average household pet. They’re exotic, captivating, and have their own set of specific needs. From their unique dietary requirements to their temperature-controlled habitats, these scaly friends require a pet sitter who is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to ensuring their well-being while you’re away.

At Wet Noses Pet Sitting, we understand the importance of providing customized care for all types of pets, and that includes our reptilian friends. Our team of professional pet sitters is well-versed in the care and handling of bearded dragons, and we’re here to offer you peace of mind knowing that your scaly companion is in good hands. Below you’ll find two of our recommended visit schedules for our bearded dragon friends.


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Bearded Dragon Option #1

This is an ideal schedule for bearded dragons that need to be fed twice a day and/or have lights changed.

30 Minute or 1 Hour Breakfast Visit – Your sitter will arrive in the morning and get your bearded dragon going for the day. These visits are tailored to your set-up but can include turning on lights and heaters, morning feedings, changing out water, exercise time, etc. Some bearded dragons are up early and ready to run around while their enclosure is cleaned while others wake up slowly and prefer attention later. 

15 or 30 Minute Dinner Visit – Your sitter will come for dinner time around the same time lights need to be turned off, if needed. The visit should be long enough to allow your bearded dragon to eat dinner and get settled for the night before your sitter leaves. If your beardie prefers exercise time later in the day, this is a good time for that and the visit length could be longer to accommodate that (versus longer a longer visit in the morning).

Bearded Dragon Option #2

This is an ideal schedule for bearded dragons that are only fed once per day, and lights that are on a timer.

30 Minute or 1 Hour VisitYour sitter will arrive and check on your bearded dragon. If your bearded dragon is social, then we are happy to let him out to play in a safe space while we clean up the enclosure, prepare food, clean water bowls, etc. We like to do anything you would normally do in a day so if you give your beardie baths, play with any toys, or anything unique, we are happy to do it. Having one longer visit allow us plenty of time to make sure your bearded dragon is happy and healthy for the day. We recommend this visit be scheduled around a time you normally feed your bearded dragon to keep a normal routine.

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Our Considerations for Bearded Dragons

For bearded dragons, there are some very specific steps we take to keep them as safe and relaxed as possible.

  • Your sitter will want to know the routine of your bearded dragon and any special concerns you may have, especially if he is being let out of his normal enclosure. 
  • Bearded dragons can make a mess of their food and water as well as have unexpected issues with their enclosures. Your sitter will need access to all of your supplies in case any issues arise.
  • If you have had any health problems in your bearded dragon recently, please discuss these with your sitter so she can watch for specific symptoms.
  • If your bearded dragon is unaccustomed to strangers we recommend he not come out of his regular enclosure until he has become used to his sitter. If you have any special treats or games that your sitter can use to make better friends with your beardie, please let her know!

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Time to Customize!

We want to work with you to set up the best possible schedule for your bearded dragon, so you are all happy during your trip. We also know that each home is different, and many people have more than just one pet! After you have a basic idea of your schedule we sit down to figure out the nitty-gritty:

  • Are there any other pets in the home that need feeding, medication, etc? We make sure your visit has enough time to get everything done.
  • We have time to clean out food and water bowls, clean up any messes, etc.
  • Many people who love animals, also love plants! Short visits do not have a lot of time for plants. If you need the sitter to water more than 1-2 plants, we will need to schedule a longer visit for those days. If you have beautiful summer gardens, then we need to see how long they take to water and add that on to your normal visits.
  • Household tasks such as; bringing in the newspaper, collecting the mail, turning lights off and on and taking out the trash. This can all be done on your normal schedule.
  • Do you want updates every visit? Many clients do, just keep in mind that your sitter will take a couple of minutes to send an update.
  • Keep in mind that it will take a sitter a bit longer to get the work done than it takes you. Especially if you have extensive routines for your pets and home. You have had years to perfect your system! We always try to make sure your pet sitter will have enough time for everything. That way they will not feel stressed and your pets will receive the focus they deserve.

Work With Us to Keep Your Bearded Dragon Happy While You are Gone!