What Pet Sitting Visits Do I Need For My Cockatiel?

With their vibrant personalities and beautiful feathers, cockatiels have captured the hearts of bird enthusiasts everywhere. If you’re a proud cockatiel owner, you understand the joy and responsibility that comes with caring for these intelligent and charming birds. But what exactly does that entail when it comes to pet sitting visits for your delightful feathered friend?

Cockatiels are delightful and social creatures that require specialized care and attention to ensure their health and happiness. At Wet Noses Pet Sitting, we understand the unique needs of these feathered companions and the importance of finding a pet sitter who is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to providing exceptional care for your cockatiel.

Below are two of our recommendations for visits for cockatiels (this can also be used for other small birds).

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Cockatiel Option #1

This is an ideal schedule for cockatiels that need care twice a day.

15 or 30 Minute Breakfast Visit – Your pet sitter sitter will arrive in the morning to care for your cockatiel. During this visit we can change food, water, clean the cage as needed and any special tasks for the day. If your cockatiel is covered for the evening your sitter can uncover her and set her up for the day. If your cockatiel is used to be handled and there is a safe way for her to come out of the cage, your sitter is happy to do so. Otherwise, some cheerful interaction will be a good way to start the morning! The length of visit should be determined by how much social time your cockatiel enjoys and how much cleaning there is to be done.

15 or 30 Minute Dinner Visit – Your sitter will arrive around dinner time to care for your cockatiel for the evening. If your cockatiel needs to be tucked in for the night, we can schedule this visit for a time when you normally have your evening routine. If normally cleaning is done at the end of the day, we can schedule that as well as any food and water changes. 

Cockatiel Option #2

This is an ideal schedule for cockatiels that only need to be checked on once per day.

30 Minute VisitYour sitter will arrive and check on your cockatiel. This visit can be done at whatever time of day you prefer, based on when your cockatiel is used to being fed and is feeling the most social. During this visit we can change the food and water, clean the cage and do anything else your normally do for your cockatiel. If your cockatiel is used to be handled and there is a safe way for her to come out of the cage, your sitter is happy to do so, otherwise your sitter provides some general social time. The length of visit should be determined by how much cleaning needs to be done and how social your cockatiel is.

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Our Considerations for Cockatiels

For cockatiels, there are some very specific steps we take to keep them as safe and relaxed as possible.

  • Your sitter will want to know the routine of your cockatiel and her normal behavior.
  • Cockatiels can make a mess of their food and water. Your sitter will need access to all of your bird-safe supplies in case any issues arise.
  • If you would like your cockatiel to be let out of the cage, we have to be sure it is safe for both your cockatiel and your pet sitter. If needed we can do a trial visit to ensure there is a way for this to happen without concerns.
  • If you have had any health problems in your flock recently, please discuss these with your sitter so she can watch for specific symptoms.

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Time to Customize!

We want to work with you to set up the best possible schedule for your cockatiel, so you are all happy during your trip. We also know that each home is different, and a lot of people have more than just one pet! After you have a basic idea of your schedule we sit down to figure out the nitty-gritty:

  • Are there any other pets in the home that need feeding, medication, etc? We make sure your visit has enough time to get everything done.
  • We have time to clean out food and water bowls, clean up any messes, etc.
  • Many people who love animals, also love plants! Short visits do not have a lot of time for plants. If you need the sitter to water more than 1-2 plants, we will need to schedule a longer visit for those days. If you have beautiful summer gardens, then we need to see how long they take to water and add that on to your normal visits.
  • Household tasks such as; bringing in the newspaper, collecting the mail, turning lights off and on and taking out the trash. This can all be done on your normal schedule.
  • Do you want updates every visit? Many clients do, just keep in mind that your sitter will take a couple of minutes to send an update.
  • Keep in mind that it will take a sitter a bit longer to get the work done than it takes you. Especially if you have extensive routines for your pets and home. You have had years to perfect your system! We always try to make sure your pet sitter will have enough time for everything. That way they will not feel stressed and your pets will receive the focus they deserve.

Work With Us to Keep Your Cockatiel Happy While You are Gone!