New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Pet


With a New Year right around the bend, we are most likely putting together our resolutions for the start of a fresh year! Each year we kick it into gear, starting off brand spanking new with positive vibes and healthy goals. But have you considered setting up some resolutions for your pet? Because we’re not the only ones who needs to set some healthy goals for the New Year as well. However, they will need your help, though. Here are some fantastic ideas to get you started!

1. Tune in their diet

Use the same size portions every day. Don’t deviate or change up the quantity that you feed your dog from day to day. Set the portion size and stick with it! Lots of folks use the good old eyeball method. Most times we end up eye balling a tad too much food into their bowl and over feed our dogs. Get yourself an 8 ounce measuring cup (or whatever size is appropriate) and use that to feed them their appropriate sized serving!

2. Turn up the exercise

Set up a specific routine for walking Fido. This one will not only help your pet, but also may meet your goals as well. Select a specific time in the day and make it happen. Your dog needs daily exercise (and so do you). Exercise serves to physically AND mentally stimulate your dog as well as build his confidence in the world around him. A healthy, happy dog is well exercised, socialized dog.

3. Get routine physicals

Set up your Vet appointments at the start of the year. In fact, call your vet today and set the appointment up. Find out what shots are due, and when. Find out what routine exams are required and make those appointments well in advance. Putting off routine examinations is poor judgment and could cost your dog his life. Prevention is key.

4. Grooming

Grooming is essential. No matter what type of dog you have, he must be groomed. Why not start the year off right by setting up a schedule of grooming appointments and maybe setting aside some time each day towards grooming. Take ten minutes a day, after a walk or after work and brush your pet. Check his ears, eyes and nails. Make sure they are looking good. This not only helps your pet stay healthy and well groomed, but it creates a bond between you both. Knowing your pet’s body is also important because if any lumps, bumps or bruises develop, you will be immediately aware and can address any situations from the get-go.

What’s even better is that you may even see yourself get some added health benefits while you are helping your furry-friend. Are you setting up some New Year’s Resolutions for your pets? What are they? We’d love to hear them?