How Much Does a Dog Walker Cost?


If you share your life with a dog, then chances are that you have thought about hiring a dog walker at some point. And you’ve probably also wondered, how much does a dog walker cost? Is it worth it? How do they charge? Well, we have the answers for both our business and the industry standards.

A Breakdown of Standard Dog Walker Costs

Common Charges:

Contributing Factors in Dog Walker Cost:

  • Charging for the length of time of the dog walk is the most common
  • Some charge only by visit, no matter how long it is
  • Location (metropolitan areas often have the highest rates)
  • Some companies provide group dog walks or hikes

How we charge at Wet Noses Pet Sitters:

  • We charge for the length of the visit, which includes refreshing water and leaving a note
  • Our visits range from 15 minutes to an hour, with the walk being most of the visit
  • Sometimes we do extend services outside of our usual area for a slightly higher rate for drive time
  • We do not charge extra for holiday walks, some people have to work those days
  • You can view our prices on our Services page


We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, and fairness. And while we’re not lowest priced dog walk service you’ll find, we are one of the best.  Our sitters are highly trained and dependable. We truly only want what is best for your pets.

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