Why are Pet Sitters Worth the Cost?



There is no doubt, good pet sitting is a luxury service.  We regularly get questions about our cost, wondering why we charge what we do and what we offer for that price.  I finally decided it was time to answer the question head on as only the business owner can.

First off, we charge a reasonable price for a professional pet sitter in our area.  There are some sitters that cost more, some that cost less, but we are middle of the road.  We definitely charge more than a neighbor or a friend, but that is a different blog.

So why do we charge the price that we do?

We charge the amount we do in order to offer the service we would want to receive and to be around for years to come.

Our sitters are employees with extensive animal knowledge.

We pay them accordingly both for their experience and their time.  Pet sitting is a wonderful job that asks sitters to set aside their holidays, evenings and weekends for the benefit of our clients.  We prefer to have sitters stay with our team as long as possible and thus we make sure to pay them a living wage that still allows them some time off.  Anyone that has used our service can tell you their sitter was amazing and well worth the cost.

Wonderful service specialized for you.

We work to provide the best possible care for all of the animals we work with. By covering everything from happy Labradors to grumpy parrots and horses. All pets from 10 week old puppies needing potty breaks to 20 year old cats needing fluids and medications, are our passion. Such a wide variety of clients requires a variety of staff, some with specialized training. We pair quiet sitters with shy cats and energetic sitters with active puppies. Also, we have equine specialists for the horses and small animal specialists for our pocket pets and reptiles. Often we hire people with special skills and sometimes train existing staff for a new expertise, all of which requires a dedicated staff who love their jobs.

Emergency back up for every situation.

In the case of an emergency or even a basic question your sitter has back up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We recently had a 160lb Newfoundland that needed an after-hours trip to the emergency room.  He was not able to move in his own so we had multiple sitters there to help there within 20 minutes to get him on his way, and he is doing much better now!

We are in business for the long haul.

Pet sitting, as an industry, has an extremely high turnover. In our years of business we have seen companies come and go because the hours are long and the job can be emotionally draining, especially when working with hospice patience or elderly pets.  Wet Nose Pet Sitting has been a professional company for 8 years and I have been pet sitting for over 18 years. Constantly improving our company to serve our clients better and make sure we are around for years to come is why we are here!

We are professional.

This may seem like a no-brainer but unfortunately there are a lot of companies in our industry that are not as professional as they should be. I am constantly doing research to make sure we have the best insurance and our sitters have new tips and updated training for pet care. I work with our sitters and clients to see how we can streamline our business to make life easier for everyone and keep the focus on our furry friends. Our job is stay on top of the background details so that you can enjoy your time away from home.

At Wet Noses Pet Sitting we are all animal lovers and we would not be comfortable offering a service that was any less than what you and your pets deserve.

We charge the amount we need to in order to provide this service on a consistent basis and stay in business for years to come. That being said, we want everyone to use a company that works best for them so if you do not feel we are the best match for you then we encourage you to take a look at other pet sitting companies in the area. Go with the company that is the best match for you and your fur kids!

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