Pet Care Tips Series: Intro and Ask Your Pet Sitter!


We are starting a new video series and would love for you to join us! Every week we are going to interview an animal expert in our community to ask them one question:

What is the one thing you believe all pet lovers should know?

This is going to vary from tips about training, medical problems, general pet knowledge and more! We are interviewing dog trainers, veterinarians, groomers, grief specialists and a variety of other pet experts, people you may not even know exist.

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Tip from Liana with Wet Noses Pet Sitting

If you work with a pet sitter or dog walker, how often do you discuss with them any pet issues or questions you have? Not often enough! The truth is, we are such a part of your lives that people often do not think to mention any problems or concerns they are having when we are not there.

Tip: Use your pet sitter as a resource!

We want you to ask us questions and let us know what is going on with your pets. Our mission is to improve the lives of your pets as much as possible, not just when we are there. That means we are happy to brainstorm with you to come up with ideas to improve your pet’s lives whenever we can.

Reasons to ask your pet sitter questions:

  • We work with your pets in your home, so we are more likely to get a clear idea of their normal behavior.
  • We are around your pets regularly, not just occasionally like a veterinarian.
  • We see a wide variety of animals every day, week and month! We have seen what other people are doing with their pets, what works, and what doesn’t.
  • Our sitters have animal expertise in addition to being pet sitters. Some are groomers, vet techs, worked in shelters, provided foster care, volunteered and much more. They have experience with a variety of pet problems already.
  • We know the community. Every day we hear about veterinarians, groomers, trainers and other pet experts. We often talk with them, see them at events, interview them for a series like this and generally get to know them and their expertise. When you need a recommendation for a new pet expert in your life we will be able to suggest a person that we know will be a good match for you and your pets, based on knowing you really well!

So ask us questions!

Need a new veterinarian? Want ideas on how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash? Want our thoughts on how to enrich your cat’s life a bit more? Ask us! We are here to improve the daily life of your pet as much as we can and we want to help!

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