Why You Need Pet Insurance


pet insurance

There are few things more terrible than not being able to afford treatment for your pet in a medical emergency. Knowing that they need help, but not being about to get it for them feels like being punched in the gut. And that’s when having pet insurance can really help.

I just read a story yesterday about a dog that was sent home from an emergency clinic to die.  Sadly, the owners did not qualify for financing and they did not have the money to pay up front for care. Even though most insurances will reimburses after the fact, it would not have necessarily fixed the problem in that case, but in many situations it allows the owner to focus more on the best care of the pet rather than the financial side of the decision for treatment.


Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Pet Insurance

1. Vet bills can be huge and often come up unexpectedly 

Pets get sick, they have accidents, get hurt and need care. Did you know that according to Datamonitor, 1 out of 3 pets need unexpected care every year? What’s more, on top of that 4 out of 5 pets will  experience a medical emergency in their lifetime. Having the proper insurance for these times can be a life saver.

2. Saving money for emergencies is hard

Some people think a savings account is just as good as having insurance. However, that’s not necessarily true. Saving money is tricky, it can take years to save the amount needed for care. Plus, it can be wiped out pretty quickly and if they need more care in a few months you may not be able to cover it.

3. It gives you peace of mind

You can rest easy knowing that your pet is covered no matter what tomorrow brings. Peace of mind as a responsible pet parents is a wonderful thing!


For all of these reasons I was excited to discover that Colorado is one of the top states for pet insurance!


Make sure to keep an eye out for our future post on details of how it works and different companies.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about pet insurance just give us a call at Wet Noses Pet Sitting!