Do You Charge Extra for Multiple Pets?


Colorado is a very pet-friendly area and many households have multiple pets. This can mean when looking for pet care it can be a bit harder. If you are boarding dogs, there is an increased price for the more you have. The same for cats. Not to mention the stress of needing to transport them to a facility, or to different places if you have different types of animals. For those of you who have large pet households, pet sitters may be your only real option when going out of town.

So how much extra will it be for multiple pets?

In general our rates include two pets, but we evaluate each household individually. A household with three dogs that need to be walked separately is very different from a house with one dog and two mice. We find out the number of pets you have as well as their routine and levels of care, and provide you a rate based on your entire household. When we do charge extra, it is generally $2 per pet.

What animals cost more?

We do charge a bit extra for exotic animals that require specific experience, such as horses and parrots. Learn more about what exotic pets we watch. This is because we need to have sitters on staff with a more broad experience level than an average sitter.